Introducing Toopher and Duo Support for LastPass

We’re excited to announce that two new options join the family of multifactor authentication methods we support with LastPass! LastPass now supports Toopher and Duo, both of which can be run from your Android or iOS smartphone and are free for consumers.

We’ve talked up multifactor authentication over the last few years and especially in the last several months as it marks a growing trend in personal security. Multifactor authentication refers to the use of a second piece of information or a device that generates that information before allowing access to an account. By adding a second step, you’re requiring that two pieces of data be entered by a user – typically a username and password that the user knows, then a code or generated key that the user provides with a device or app. Adding multifactor authentication creates another barrier to entry, so that even a compromised password does not translate to a compromised account. By enabling multifactor authentication with your LastPass account, you’re significantly increasing the security surrounding the “hub” of your online life.



To get started with Toopher:

  • Download the Toopher app from the app store on your device.
  • Start the app on your device.
  • Login to LastPass and launch your “settings” menu in the LastPass vault.
  • Click the “multifactor options” tab and select “Toopher”.
  • Switch Toopher to “enabled”, and enter the pairing phrase generated by the Toopher app on your mobile device. Select the “=” button on the Toopher app to generate this phrase.
  • Look for the “push notification” on your phone, and select “allow”.

Toopher is now enabled for your LastPass account. You can automate authentication by telling your mobile device to automatically log you in next time, by sliding the “automate when near here” slider. Toopher will automatically enable authentication for you when you’re in the same location logging in to the same computer.


To get started with Duo:

  • Download the Duo app from the app store on your device.
  • Start the app on your device.
  • Login to LastPass and launch the “settings” menu in the LastPass vault.
  • Click the “multifactor options” tab and select “Duo Security”.
  • Switch the status to “enabled” and select the link to enroll in Duo.
  • Enter your telephone number, and send yourself the text message.
  • Follow the steps to complete enrollment.
  • Once complete, ensure that you’ve also “updated” your LastPass settings.The next time you login to LastPass, Duo will send a “push notification” to your phone, and allow you to “approve” login.

We offer a range of other multifactor options, both free and Premium, so be sure to pick one that best suits your work flow. For more details on available options, see our list here:

Have you tried multifactor authentication? What do you think? Will you try Toopher or Duo?


  • Anonymous says:

    Nice, but I still prefer to use Google Authenticator. I find it easier and more secure (no client-server communication required)

  • Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love using LastPass. It’s the best and most convenient Password Manager I’ve used to date and in the past I have recommended accounts to friends and family.

    Unfortunately as a non-US user, and in light of the NSA spying with secret gag orders etc, I no longer trust US-based services and so am in the process of removing my data and future business from US companies. Will be helping my friends and family move their accounts too.

    LastPass will be one of the few services I will really miss and will be difficult to replace.

  • I wish that you would add to lastpass. This must be the easiest and most user friendly way to login. I use it on about 15 WordPress sites that I run.

  • Matt: Just so you’re aware if it’s been a while, you can rename your “authenticators” in Duo Mobile as well (with fancy icons, no less!).

    Steve: With Duo Mobile you can have all of your Google authenticator accounts (and many others) in addition to the Duo platform, all from one app! No need to mess around with two.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to get LastPass to stop asking “This computer is trusted, do not require a second form of authentication.”??

    Without telling LastPass that it is trusted?

  • Fred L. says:

    The reason I chose to use Toopher is once you authenticate at a specific location, you can have it not ask again. So after you authenticate at home and work, it won’t bother you again. Nice.