Network54 Hacked: What You Need to Know

Network54, a host of online communities and message boards, confirmed on May 17th that it was hacked via a SQL injection attack, affecting 2.4 million emails and passwords. LastPass has partnered with Network54 to encourage their user base to utilize a password manager moving forward to help mitigate any potential risks of future hacks.

Enter your email address in our tool here to see if your Network54 account was affected. Even if you don’t recall signing up for an account, we strongly recommend checking.

The tool asks you to enter your email, then computes its SHA-1 hash, then sends the result to to search our list of the leaked email hashes. A hash is a mathematical function that is simple to perform in one direction but is difficult to reverse, meaning it would be difficult to re-construct the email address that you enter into the LastPass tool. The hash will not be stored or logged.

Unfortunately it appears the passwords were stored in the clear, so we strongly recommend that anyone affected update their account password immediately, and work to update any other weak or duplicate passwords for other accounts.

The LastPass Security Challenge will help you identify any weak or duplicate passwords stored in your LastPass account, so you can launch those accounts and go to your settings to update the stored password. Use LastPass to generate a long, unique password, and save your changes to the account itself and to your site entry in LastPass.