How to Manage Hundreds of Passwords with LastPass

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What’s the best workflow for managing hundreds of passwords and accounts? – David P.

Once LastPass becomes the hub of access to your online life, the number of stored accounts and data in general will grow. Organization becomes essential, and there are a number of tricks that will help you more easily manage your data and get the most out of LastPass as your password manager.

Organize Sites into Logical Groups

As you add sites to your vault, logical “groupings” of your data will likely emerge.

To get started with grouping your sites:

  • Click the “Create Group” button on the left of your vault to add a new group
  • Drag-and-drop individual site entries from one group to another to re-organize them
  • Create group names that differentiate by category, such as “Shopping”, “Financial”, or “Social”
  • When saving new sites, click the “Group” field to choose an existing group or create a new one
  • Create “subgroups” within groups to further divide your sites

Create Identities for Different Environments

If you’re using LastPass in different environments, such as a personal computer and a work computer, Identities will help you separate your data based on what you need access to in each environment. To get started with Identities:

  • Select “Add Identity” by going to the “Identities” tab in the vault
  • Create a name for your Identities to easily distinguish between “Home”, “Work”, etc.
  • Move all relevant data from your main vault to the new Identity
  • When you switch to a different identity, from the dropdown in the LastPass vault, only data available in that identity will be filled as you browse, filtering out anything you don’t want to see in your vault
  • Edit an Identity at any time by clicking the “edit” option in the Identities tab

Use the Right-Click Menu Options for Quick Changes

As you continue to add more data to your vault, you can keep up with your organizational system by dragging and dropping your sites between groups, or by using the right-click menu options to quickly move your data or make changes.

Right-click on a group name to re-name it, create a subgroup within that group, or delete the group to remove all sites stored in it.

Right-click on a site name to move it to edit, delete, or move the site to a new group or subgroup.

These are just a few tips to better organize and manage your data in your vault. What tips would you share for managing hundreds of passwords with LastPass?

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  • hp says:

    I’m having a heck of a time finding any information about copy/paste or drag and drop of notes from on folder to another, either on android or the website accounts.
    Can anyone guide me? Or offer URL where such info is collected?

    • Amber Gott says:

      On Android, you’d have to edit the “Group” name in the site entry itself. If you’re logging in on a desktop/laptop browser, and go to the LastPass Icon > My LastPass Vault, you can just drag and drop between folders. Our team can be of further help:

    • hp says:

      Help well appreciated, thank you Amber. About pc access. I did go to my account and attempt to drag certain notes into a new category.
      But it does not actually move anything. On android, I thought to just copy the content of certain notes, then paste them into new notes under the right category… however, while copy works, I see not way at all to paste… once a new note is opened to recieve the copied material

    • hp says:

      Yikes, I see were addressing Juergen… sorry to have butted in, but if you get I chance I can use some help too

    • Amber Gott says:

      Hello: Apologies for the confusion, I was responding to your post above. If you are on drag and drop is not possible – did you install LastPass in the browser and launch the vault from the browser addon menu? Then the sites can be dragged and dropped.

  • Juergen says:

    But how about moving groups / subgroups? After importing data from Keepass it is very hard to rebuild a structure…

  • I am unable to add an identity. I am prompted to sign-in, them just get the Lastpass homepage in a smaller window.

  • I use the categories but ultimately I have so many sites and secure notes that I fall back on the search tool. It never let’s me down.

  • Noah says:

    As long as you label your websites logically ( instead of, creating groups is just an extra step that gets in my way. It’s nice that it’s there for those who need it, I just prefer keeping my sites organized alphabetically.