For the Love of Security: End-of-Week Link Round-Up

Dark Reading’s Robert Lemos caught up with our CEO Joe Siegrist this week for his article about the state of SMB password security, highlighting the need for companies to provide tools that allow employees to more easily abide by good password policies.

The main take-away points from the article:

  • Passwords are still the weak link. Businesses should adopt a central system to analyze where they’re at with password security. “Without such a system, companies will be blind as to the degree of risk they have,” says Siegrist.
  • Centralized management of identity storage allows employees to be more efficient, with greater oversight and easier administration.
  • Put tools in place that will not only remind employees to employ better security practices, but allow them to do so painlessly – such as with a system like LastPass Enterprise.

A few other articles that caught our eye:

  • Vudu acknowledges security breach << The popular video streaming service Vudu acknowledged the theft of customer data, including usernames and encrypted passwords. If you haven’t already, update your account password, and any accounts that shared the same one.
  • may soon be as secure as Gmail << Microsoft announced two-factor authentication for (the new Hotmail). After it’s enabled, a user will input a code generated in the Authenticator app, in addition to the account password (much like Google Authenticator). The app is already available in the Windows Store, and LastPass supports it on Windows 8 devices.
  • Major Bitcoin exchanges hit with cyberattacks << If you haven’t been following it, the situation with Bitcoin and Mt. Gox has been volatile in the last few days. According to all recent reports, though, usernames and passwords have not been affected.
  • LastPass gets 4 mice from Macworld! << Marco Tabini reviewed LastPass, declaring it “a solution that is ideal for users who want increased security with minimal effort.”

And can you believe it?

Photo by Eric Risberg / AP Photo

The cellphone turned 40 recently! The first cellphone prototype weighed more than 2 pounds, measured 9 inches long, took 10 hours to charge, and offered 30 minutes of talk time. For a blast from the past, check out BusinessWeek’s recap of the history of the cellphone.

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