LastPass for Windows Phone Gets a Big Update, Now Available for Windows Phone 8!

By January 15, 2013 Mobile 19 Comments

A major update to the LastPass Windows Phone app is now available in the app store – with support for Windows Phone 8 and a major overhaul of the user interface!

Most screens within the app have been updated, with new colors and more navigable menus, including support for Windows “light” theme.

Other updates include:

  • Identities support
  • Standard icons in the application bar
  • Jump list support for quick navigation between groups
  • Alphabetical sorting, including jump list for quick navigation to a particular site
  • A separate panel for Secure Notes
  • A Favorites panel and “favorite” option in the detail screen
  • Support for selecting the group name from the list, instead of typing the group name
  • Support for long text in the Notes field of a site entry
  • Add “pin to start” for sites and secure notes
  • A welcome screen and account creation wizard for new LastPass users
  • A secure password generator

The new app is compatible with Windows Phone 7.1+ and Windows Phone 8.

What do you think of the update? Be sure to leave a review in the app store if you are liking the Windows Phone app!