LastPass for Windows 8 Gets an Update!

By November 1, 2012 Product Updates 22 Comments

An update to the LastPass Windows 8 app has been published to the Windows Store and is now available for download!

As we promised previously, we’ve added a number of improvements, including:

  • A favorites folder in the vault
  • The password generator
  • Support for password reprompt settings for editing and filling sites
  • Improved appearance of the master password reprompt dialog
  • A “do not prompt” option to the master password reprompt dialog
  • Adding the appbar to the browser, with a more obvious way to return to the vault and log out
  • Automatically showing the appbar for new accounts, to guide you on what to do next
  • A warning on login if caps lock is on
  • A server-side change to enable shared folders and linked personal accounts for Enterprise users

In addition to reviewing initial feedback from users, we’ve also implemented a number of minor improvements and fixes, such as a parsing error reported by some new users and a fix for type-to-search activating when master password reprompt dialog is showing

What do you think of the update? Let us know in the comments below – and be sure to leave a review in the app store!


  • I can enter my email and password, but it crashes out to the Start screen while it’s ‘decrypting sites’…any ideas? :)

  • Tiago says:

    To enter master password through fingerprint has stopped working on Windows 8 for desktop browsers. Are you going to restore that?


    • Anatoly_LP says:

      I have confirmed that our external Authentec/UPEK reader does enroll and works properly with the LastPass desktop browser plugins under Windows 8.

      There may be other reasons yours doesn’t work. Do you have the latest drivers for Windows 8, and does the fingerprint reader show up in the list of biometric devices in the Device Manager? Are you able to enroll fingers using the manufacturer’s software? Did you try re-enrolling your fingerprint through the LastPass security settings? ( If you still have trouble getting this to work, please open a trouble ticket.

    • Tiago says:

      In a support request ticket from October 31 I received the answered that “Fingerprint auth has not yet been implemented in Windows 8” and there was no ETA.

  • John E. Dunn says:

    LastPass is the best but it’s not perfect – trying to add a single Windows 8 system using sesame 2FA security turned into a weekend-long nightmare.

    Just could not get the confirmation email from LastPass. Support emails turned up but that’s it. Verified that my email was working fine btw.

  • Shirkit says:

    Hey, good job! Although there are still some problems:

    – When editing an entry, the Master Password shouldn’t be prompt, but only when I ask to View Password (the eye button).

    – The settings option Launch on Browser doesn’t seem to be working, at least not on my end. It still launches on LastPass browser instead of my Firefox.

    – The ‘Do-Not Reprompt’ option doesn’t have the other standard values (3,6,12,24 hours).

    – Trying to right click on websites on different columns doesn’t select them. After your pointer changes the column, you must wait about 1 second before right clicking to be able to select the website (showing the options on the bottom of the screen).

    Other than that, the app looks really cool! Congratulations!

    • Anatoly_LP says:

      – The master password should definitely be prompted when you select to edit, because there may be other information in the entry you would want to protect. Also, this is consistent with the behavior of the LastPass plugins on the desktop.

      – The launch in browser setting will only work if the app is snapped to the side, and IE is your default browser (or you have another modern-style browser that is the default). We’ve received a couple requests for an option to always launch in browser, but since that doesn’t give you the benefit of auto-fill, and you have to flip back to LastPass to get the username and password, I’m not sure that’s the best UX.

      – I’ve added those values for the next build.

      – Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of control over that behavior, our app just gets notified when something is selected. So far I haven’t been able to reproduce this here; I’m able to click and select in different columns pretty quickly. It could also be dependent on the number of entries in the grid. How many sites do you have?