LastPass Sentry Now Checks Your Entire Vault!

By October 15, 2012 Product Updates 40 Comments

We recently introduced LastPass Sentry, a new feature to help LastPass users be more proactive about their online security by alerting them when their email address is included in the latest breaches of online sites and services (think LinkedIn).

We’re excited to announce that LastPass Sentry is now also supported as part of the LastPass Security Challenge! The update means that a full check can be performed locally against your entire LastPass vault to look for accounts that may have been affected by a breach, in addition to the ongoing monitoring of your LastPass account email address.

How LastPass Sentry now works:

  1. Sentry still performs daily checks, with the latest updates to the PwnedList database, to see if LastPass account email addresses are on the list.
  2. If a match is found, an email notification is sent to the LastPass user, notifying them of the domain that was breached and the potential risk.
  3. Users can also run the LastPass Security Challenge (from the LastPass Icon’s Tools menu) and select the option to look for breaches of their stored accounts.
  4. If any matches are found between the PwnedList database and the data in your vault, notifications are sent to the affected email addresses with information on the breach and a reminder to update your passwords.
  5. We then recommend updating the password for any affected accounts, and any other accounts using that password (which the Security Challenge will help you identify), using LastPass to generate a new, strong password.

As we mentioned previously, the feature is available for all free and Premium users, as well as corporate Enterprise users. In the case of Enterprise users, both the Enterprise administrator and the affected employee will receive notifications that a match has been found.

We plan to continue increasing the frequency of our database checks to work towards real-time notifications and further enhance the service to provide ongoing value to our users.

What do you think of the update to LastPass Sentry? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


  • Anonymous says:

    Most sites you don’t need a highly secure password. I use one that is easily remembered containing numbers, letters and symbols. For bank sites, email and other more important sites I use highly variable passwords that are long. Last pass helps with all of these, but I back them up on my desktop and laptop with another app – password safe – just in case of a catastrophic loss…

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m really happy with the free app. The more I see how the premium users like it, the more I’m thinking about going premium. Also like the new Sentry feature…