LastPass For Windows 8 Is Here!

 With just under a month to go until Microsoft releases Windows 8 and Windows RT to the general public, LastPass is officially ready for the new platform, with the LastPass Windows app now available in the Windows Store!

The LastPass app provides access to all of your stored data and the core functionality of the password manager, but some features are more limited due to the nature of the platform.

Tips for Using LastPass in Windows 8:

  • Launch the app and login to automatically sync your stored data.
  • The first folder in your vault will be displayed by default, but you can use semantic zoom (click the button in the lower-right corner) to view all folders or scroll horizontally through all folders and stored sites.
  • Right-click (or swipe up) on the lower part of the vault to access the app bar, with options for adding a site, adding a note, refreshing sites, or logging off.
  • Right-click (or drag down) a site name in the vault to access the edit, delete, and copy username & password functions.
  • Left-click or tap a site name to launch the login within the LastPass app, where LastPass can fill your usernames and passwords.
  • If you have more than one matching login for a site, click or tap the LastPass icon to select another entry.
  • In the LastPass embedded browser, the icon is always visible in the top-right corner, where options are available to open the vault, fill forms as you shop, use the Save All Entered Data function, and fill matching logins.
  • The app is integrated into search, which means you can start typing in the LastPass vault to intiate search or open the Charms menu to enter a keyword to quickly find matching login information.
  • From the Charms menu you can click or tap “settings” to set a time limit for “autologoff after idle”.

Known Limitations of the App:

  • YubiKey and Google Authenticator are the only multifactor authentication methods currently supported.
  • There is no generate secure password option – we anticipate adding this with the next release.
  • Fill form profiles cannot be added, edited, or deleted.
  • LastPass cannot hook into Internet Explorer unless you’re in IE desktop, so copy-paste from the LastPass vault to the browser or elsewhere is the only workaround (bookmarklets aren’t an option either).
  • Global LastPass account settings aren’t accessible in the app, so you’ll need to use the desktop version to manage your account.

More Improvements to Come!

This is the first release for Windows 8, so let us know what you think in the comments below!

[Update] Users must be running Windows 8 RTM to see the LastPass app in the Windows Store and run it on their computer. If you’re running the Release Preview or Consumer Preview versions, you’ll need to upgrade to the official version of Windows 8, through MSDN or at time of general release on October 26, to use LastPass on Windows 8.

[Update 10/26] An update is currently pending release by Microsoft with some awesome improvements. Keep an eye on the blog to know when it’s published!


  • Craig Lambie says:

    Hi Lastpass legends,
    Wondering if the binary feature of the Windows 8 x64 Chrome ext, will connect to the Firefox plugin? I am having issues… Login to one, but have to login to the other. Thoughts?

  • Anonymous says:

    Been using lp on windows 8 for a few weeks now and the biggest problem is when i am browsing through lastpass, if a dialog box or pop up opens, the lp icon isn’t displayed…. so for example, in a web page if i go to enter a new shipping address, there is no way to use lp fill forms in the pop up that opens

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree, windows 8 sux but that is what I have right now unless some “computer Crasher show” crashes my living room and downloads a better system, $*()& it. but last pass,,,, Ahhhh!
    can’t live without it. Now to learn how to use it in Eight,

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Windows 8 is moronic for the business world.
    2. MS is moronic for not even having a tutorial on how to use this dramatically different system.
    3. They are intentionally making external password management difficult at best so that people will use their version…like I trust THAT!!!
    4. I can use LastPass to log into a main screen for my business, but it is a single sign on site and when I go to the other sites, it does not log me in.
    5. I can use it to log into OWA for work, but I could not function within it. It just appeared as a picture on my screen with no functions.
    6. I hope the Windows 8 update coming out soon allows complete reversion to how older versions worked.
    7. If not, I will wipe this puppy clean and have Windows 7 installed.
    8. Engineers are still stupid. How on earth could anyone design and implement this software and NOT see what every user has seen?
    9. I would use an Apple if I had the choice.
    10. I hope LastPass gets past the roadblocks MS has put in the way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Am I missing something, but is there no way in the Windows App to have lastpass run in the background and identify sites to be saved… like I did with Windows 7???

    • Anonymous says:

      That would appear to be correct…and it seems intentional on MS’s part. They want to force everyone to use their Windows 8 password manager which does. But I am not so fast to trust that info to a company like MS. I do not even select the features that give feedback to MS to “help” improve things. I do NOT trust them. I can just read the headlines now….”NSA now tapping into private accounts after accessing MS password manager in order to be able to stop terrorism.” That no longer looks unbelievable, sadly. I will NOT be using MS password management.

  • Jan says:

    I still can not find it in the dutch store! :-(

  • I cannot think of browsing without LastPass, because I am fully dependent on it. I don’t know my passwords of my Google account, Microsoft account, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc. and I am least bothered to know because LastPass remembers all my passwords for me. I have registered to 76 sites and all have unique passwords. Just one password in my head and I am good to access all the sites at anytime from anywhere. I just love LastPass and can’t live without it. I installed Windows8 recently and a few minutes ago, I came to know that there is a LastPass app too. Installed it and exploring it. I know there are few limitations but still I am loving it. I believe, with the new releases, LastPass will overcome all these limitations very soon. Thank you LastPass and all the best!!!

  • Jan says:

    Also, wil there be a binary version of lastpass for metro? Because some basic authentications are not filled in automatically in Metro where it does in the desktop version (e.g. logins in popup windows). Thanks, Jan

    • Amber says:

      Yes, it’s available as a binary version but it can’t autofill sites that use basic authentication, unfortunately the app cannot integrate with the built-in browser at that level.

  • Jan says:

    Hi, I can’t find it in the dutch store. I am using WIndows 8 Pro dutch 64 bit.

  • Anonymous says:

    is the technet edition of Windows 8 the same as the Windows 8 RTM?

  • Kevin says:

    How do the sections get sorted? It doesn’t appear to be alphabetical.

    • Anatoly_LP says:

      Favorites is first (this section is in the upcoming release), and the rest of the sections are shown in alphabetical order. The only reason (none) is first is because it’s actually a section with a blank name, which sorts before all the sections with names.

    • Actually, it is unsorted in both Win8 and Win8RT.

  • jamiekt says:

    Really delighted that there is a Lastpass app for Win8. I’ve been leaving some feedback at!/search/?q=%23lastpasswin8app and will continue to do so.


    • Anatoly_LP says:


      Thanks for your feedback. Here are some responses:

      – Wight-clicking selects the item, then you have to right-click in an empty spot at the bottom of the screen (or swipe up from the bottom on a touch device) to bring up the app bar. This is a windows 8 standard behavior, so you’re going to see that with a lot of apps.

      – We’ll definitely consider adding keyboard shortcuts, and a “do not ask again” to the delete dialog. Delete doesn’t happen that often, so we want to be careful that customers don’t delete accidentally.

      – Unfortunately the Share charm is very limited in its current implementation. IE will accept URLs as shares, but not much more, so it just wouldn’t work for LastPass. We have copy username and password options in the app bar for sharing with IE and other apps.

    • Anatoly_LP says:

      Oops, that should be “right-clicking” not “wight-clicking”. Wascally wabbit.

    • jamiekt says:

      Hi Anatoly,
      I don’t agree that that is standard right-click behavior. To me, standard behavior is to right-click something and the app bar appear. Try it on the Start Screen – nowhere more “standard” than that.

      Regarding the share charm…I was talking about Lastpass in the context of being a share *source*, not a share *target*. For example, I am writing this in IE10 on Windows 8 and if I hit CTRL+H I see lots of share options. I would hope to see the same optins available if I were writing within Lastpass but unfortunately – I do not.

      Thank very much for the reply and for seeking me out on Twitter. Its very much appreciated.

      Jamie (@jamiet)

    • Anatoly_LP says:

      There is already a second release with a bunch of fixes winding its way through the approval process, but I can certainly add showing the app bar on select for the third release.

      Yes, I was talking about LastPass as a share source, but I was wrong about IE accepting even URLs as shares, it won’t even do that. I just re-checked this with Microsoft’s share source sample app; there was no format for which IE10 came up as a share target option, not even links. So having LastPass as a share source with IE as the target wouldn’t work.

      For sharing with other apps, we would first need a way to specify what to share from LastPass. When you invoke the Share charm the standard way (Windows+H, swipe up, etc.) the current app has no opportunity to determine what should be shared, it either puts everything into the data packet, or waits for a request for a specific format (HTML, link, etc.). Since there is no defined format for sharing login credentials, it would need to share one thing at a time in a plain text format. We could add explicit commands to separately share the username the password, like we have for copying to the clipboard, but I don’t think that would be any better than sharing through the clipboard, because the share target wouldn’t know that you’re sharing a username and password, and would have no way to put the information into the correct fields. At least going through the clipboard, you have the ability to click in the right box in the app and paste it in there.

      So this is what I mean when I say the Share charm is very limited right now. There is potential to do a lot more there, and if/when Microsoft defines a standard format for sharing credentials, we will support it. Until then, I think using the clipboard is going to be the easiest way.

  • USC Trojan says:

    Is there a way to “share” user/pass between Lastpass app and Metro IE? I use Lastpass only for user/pass (and not profile/forms), so if Metro IE can accept data from another app, could you possibly “send” username and password?

    • Anatoly_LP says:

      The sharing mechanism (Share charm) under Metro is very limited at this time. If that changes, we will definitely support it. In the meanwhile, we would recommend using the Copy commands to go through the clipboard, then paste into the appropriate fields in IE. This also works for any other apps you might have to log into.

  • Aaron Rodriguez says:

    Looks pretty good for a first version…. just wondering because I’m not seeing it but this only can have one “tab” open at a time correct?

    Just some feedback but I would prefer if the lastpass browser mimicked the stock ie10 metro browser as much as possible. Let me have multiple tabs open, have the bar go away when you don’t swipe/right click, etc.

  • Unknown says:

    error i cant see my data…
    i have windows 8 pro original

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t find the app in my store on W8 release preview. Perhaps it takes some time, or is it only available in some regions?

  • Bob Cronin says:

    Another reason to skip Windows 8 (as if I needed another). I don’t blame LastPass. I know you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got to work with.

    • USC Trojan says:

      Really? Skip Windows 8? Wow. You know you have a _choice_ of Desktop IE, Chrome and Firefox. You don’t _have_ to use Metro IE. Skip if you want, just find a better excuse to skip it. Not this.

    • jamiekt says:

      Hi Bob,
      Interesting comment. Given that the existing Lastpass plug-in for Firefox/IE/Chrome still work fine on Windows 8 why would the limitations of this new Lastpass be a reason to skip it.

      Just interested to know.

  • Dan Silvia says:

    Sounds good so far! I was wondering how much you would be able to hook into the new Win8 architecture!

    • Joe Siegrist says:

      It’s certainly a challenge — Microsoft and Apple are both creating highly anticompetitive walled gardens where developers are extremely limited in what they can and can’t do.

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