LastPass For Windows 8 Is Here!

 With just under a month to go until Microsoft releases Windows 8 and Windows RT to the general public, LastPass is officially ready for the new platform, with the LastPass Windows app now available in the Windows Store!

The LastPass app provides access to all of your stored data and the core functionality of the password manager, but some features are more limited due to the nature of the platform.

Tips for Using LastPass in Windows 8:

  • Launch the app and login to automatically sync your stored data.
  • The first folder in your vault will be displayed by default, but you can use semantic zoom (click the button in the lower-right corner) to view all folders or scroll horizontally through all folders and stored sites.
  • Right-click (or swipe up) on the lower part of the vault to access the app bar, with options for adding a site, adding a note, refreshing sites, or logging off.
  • Right-click (or drag down) a site name in the vault to access the edit, delete, and copy username & password functions.
  • Left-click or tap a site name to launch the login within the LastPass app, where LastPass can fill your usernames and passwords.
  • If you have more than one matching login for a site, click or tap the LastPass icon to select another entry.
  • In the LastPass embedded browser, the icon is always visible in the top-right corner, where options are available to open the vault, fill forms as you shop, use the Save All Entered Data function, and fill matching logins.
  • The app is integrated into search, which means you can start typing in the LastPass vault to intiate search or open the Charms menu to enter a keyword to quickly find matching login information.
  • From the Charms menu you can click or tap “settings” to set a time limit for “autologoff after idle”.

Known Limitations of the App:

  • YubiKey and Google Authenticator are the only multifactor authentication methods currently supported.
  • There is no generate secure password option – we anticipate adding this with the next release.
  • Fill form profiles cannot be added, edited, or deleted.
  • LastPass cannot hook into Internet Explorer unless you’re in IE desktop, so copy-paste from the LastPass vault to the browser or elsewhere is the only workaround (bookmarklets aren’t an option either).
  • Global LastPass account settings aren’t accessible in the app, so you’ll need to use the desktop version to manage your account.

More Improvements to Come!

This is the first release for Windows 8, so let us know what you think in the comments below!

[Update] Users must be running Windows 8 RTM to see the LastPass app in the Windows Store and run it on their computer. If you’re running the Release Preview or Consumer Preview versions, you’ll need to upgrade to the official version of Windows 8, through MSDN or at time of general release on October 26, to use LastPass on Windows 8.

[Update 10/26] An update is currently pending release by Microsoft with some awesome improvements. Keep an eye on the blog to know when it’s published!


  • Craig Lambie says:

    Hi Lastpass legends,
    Wondering if the binary feature of the Windows 8 x64 Chrome ext, will connect to the Firefox plugin? I am having issues… Login to one, but have to login to the other. Thoughts?

  • Anonymous says:

    Been using lp on windows 8 for a few weeks now and the biggest problem is when i am browsing through lastpass, if a dialog box or pop up opens, the lp icon isn’t displayed…. so for example, in a web page if i go to enter a new shipping address, there is no way to use lp fill forms in the pop up that opens

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree, windows 8 sux but that is what I have right now unless some “computer Crasher show” crashes my living room and downloads a better system, $*()& it. but last pass,,,, Ahhhh!
    can’t live without it. Now to learn how to use it in Eight,

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Windows 8 is moronic for the business world.
    2. MS is moronic for not even having a tutorial on how to use this dramatically different system.
    3. They are intentionally making external password management difficult at best so that people will use their version…like I trust THAT!!!
    4. I can use LastPass to log into a main screen for my business, but it is a single sign on site and when I go to the other sites, it does not log me in.
    5. I can use it to log into OWA for work, but I could not function within it. It just appeared as a picture on my screen with no functions.
    6. I hope the Windows 8 update coming out soon allows complete reversion to how older versions worked.
    7. If not, I will wipe this puppy clean and have Windows 7 installed.
    8. Engineers are still stupid. How on earth could anyone design and implement this software and NOT see what every user has seen?
    9. I would use an Apple if I had the choice.
    10. I hope LastPass gets past the roadblocks MS has put in the way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Am I missing something, but is there no way in the Windows App to have lastpass run in the background and identify sites to be saved… like I did with Windows 7???

    • Anonymous says:

      That would appear to be correct…and it seems intentional on MS’s part. They want to force everyone to use their Windows 8 password manager which does. But I am not so fast to trust that info to a company like MS. I do not even select the features that give feedback to MS to “help” improve things. I do NOT trust them. I can just read the headlines now….”NSA now tapping into private accounts after accessing MS password manager in order to be able to stop terrorism.” That no longer looks unbelievable, sadly. I will NOT be using MS password management.

  • Jan says:

    I still can not find it in the dutch store! :-(