Know Someone Who Needs a Password Manager? AllThingsD Recommends LastPass

In the market for a password manager, or know someone who is? Bonnie Cha, senior reviewer at AllThingsD, recently published an overview of the top three password managers and recommends LastPass overall!

We all know we’re supposed to use unique, strong passwords for all of our accounts – and a password manager helps you achieve that, without any extra headache. It also makes logging in to your favorite sites completely effortless. In her video review, Cha mentions that LastPass is a good option because “it’s easy to use, and it’s free, and offers more than enough features.”

So if you’re looking to spread the word on password management, or are on the fence yourself, read through her write-up here, or watch her video review below:

If you were to recommend LastPass, which feature would you highlight?