The LastPass Autofill Menu in Chrome Gets a New Look!

By September 28, 2012 Product Updates 26 Comments
 For those of you using LastPass with Chrome you may have already noticed some changes with a recent update to the LastPass addon – the LastPass autofill menu is now searchable!

The drop-down dialog is also wider to provide a better overview of matching logins, including username and time of last use. As you start typing out a username or other keyword, the selection autosorts to narrow your choices.

It’s a small tweak, but one that aims to make the autofill menu more usable for those with dozens of matching logins for a given site.

The updates have also been pushed to Safari, and will be pushed to Firefox and Internet Explorer in the near future.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Ditto — Autologin is blank in Firefox 23.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, I have the same BUG, as April 30 Anonymous.

    The Autologin Filter is blank, and typing anything in it fails to do anything. This in Firefox 20 and 21. Questions about the Autologin Filter on the forum remain unanswered.

  • Anonymous says:

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong. In Firefox 20.0.1 I click on “Autologin” in an attempt to log in to Facebook and all I get is the words “Autologin filter” with a blank and a search icon at the end of it. If I type anything into the blank the icon changes into an “X”. LastPass does a lovely job autologging me into other sites so I am assuming that have set something up incorrectly. Thanks for your help.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, we just got this window for Firefox and I hate it.
    Now I have to scroll and the scroll part even disappears under vista gadgets bar.
    Who was the GOD who decided that only 5 login should I see and should scroll for the rest?! This was not made for a little tablet or phone, this is desktop. I have the space!
    I want my list back with the 20 showing and with easy picking!

  • jezdez says:

    Honestly, this is unacceptable, you’re *redesigning* a piece of your software and still make it look butt ugly. I strongly suggest investing in hiring an actual user interface designer.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure the UI is THAT bad, but I do agree with your point. While LastPass is functionally superb, the UI for browser plugins is indeed kind of hideous, not to mention it looks different in every browser.

      The web vault used to be equally wretched, but recent UI improvements have greatly helped the appearance and layout to appear more professional and clean.

      When it comes down to it, LastPass certainly does the job it was created to, the plugin interfaces (IMO) are areas that could be easily modernized and standardized. Can’t complain if you’re a free user, really; but premium users might have a relevant request there.

      Still, I understand security and privacy are the A1 focus, as they ought to be; interface design takes a quick backseat to those type of concerns. I see it as a “would be nice, but not fundamentally necessary” thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UI IS that bad.