The Official Winners of the LastPass Sticker Photo Contest!

The votes are in, and LastPass users worldwide have selected their 10 favorite sticker photos!

Several weeks ago we announced a giveaway to LastPass Superfans in our newsletter. The prize was a LastPass sticker, and the mission was to send in a photo of the sticker on your car, your computer, at your desk, at a local sight, or wherever you wanted to show your LastPass love. We then asked LastPass users to help us pick YOUR favorite photos – and here they are!

If you missed it, all entries can be viewed on our voting page: – there were hundreds of entries, with some pretty amazing ones even outside of the top 10 ten picks.

The winners received LastPass Premium and their photos get a shout-out below. You guys certainly have a sense of humor!

#10: “‘Wake me up and that will be your LastPass.’ Cottage Country new Kenora, Ontario. Just threw the sticker I had received. Bear left shortly after and I was able to retrieve the sticker. Lucky it landed where it did.”

#9: “Shh! Don’t tell my password!”

#8: “LastPass Bearded Dragon”

#7: “A photo of me wearing my welding helmet watching the rare event of a solar eclipse in Albuquerque, NM 2012. You can’t see it in the photo but the moon is in the center of the sun. You can see the reflection of the eclipse to the lower right of the picture. Best part of it all is how the LastPass sticker looks on my helmet. Everyone out there watching the eclips was asking me what the sticker was for. My answer was, ‘It’s the best Password Manager on this planet and it could be yours, too.'”

#6: “LastPass-ified our server room door.”

#5: “In case of compass failure refer to LastPass.”

#4: “I love LastPass on my desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Android tablet. Anywhere I go, LastPass is there!”

#3: “Comparing standard security practices with the amazing security of LastPass.”

#2: “The sticker on top of my key ring from work.”

and #1: “Keeping your most sensitive assets secure since 2008.”

Have a favorite that didn’t make the top 10? Tell us which one and why you liked it in the comments below.

We hope you all had fun with it, because we certainly did! Thanks again for sharing the LastPass love.Stay tuned on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and our newsletters for future promotions.

The LastPass Team