LastPass 2.0: Managing and Protecting Your Online Life Just Got More Awesome!

We’re super excited to announce the release of LastPass 2.0! We’re expanding the core functionality of our password manager while adding significant improvements, both on the front-end and behind-the-scenes.

LastPass 2.0 features:

  • Attachment support for documents and images,
  • Free credit monitoring alerts for users in the United States,
  • A more unified user experience, and
  • Faster start-up time and silent upgrades in Internet Explorer 

There are also countless bug fixes and incremental updates to make LastPass even more robust, more effective, and more awesome for our users.

LastPass 2.0 Feature Spotlights

We’re expanding the types of sensitive information you can store and manage in your LastPass account. We’re also increasing the ways that LastPass can play a more proactive role in protecting a user’s identity.

Why? Because our mission is to make your online life easier and more secure, in a way you can trust, built within a great product, that’s available for free.


You can now add documents, PDF files, and images as attachments to your secure notes. If there are files that you want to keep that shouldn’t be stored unencrypted on your machine, or that need to be portable, then LastPass is the place to back them up.

For example: Let’s say you’re traveling abroad. To prepare for the trip, store a photocopy of your passport as an attachment in LastPass. If your passport is stolen, you can locate a computer, login to LastPass, open the attachment, and print it. You now have a helpful resource for replacing your lost passport.

Attachments can be added to new or existing notes by clicking the paperclip icon in the edit dialog, and locating the file on the device. Your attachments are then synced to any location where you login to your account. Like all stored data, attachments are encrypted and decrypted locally with a key that is never sent to LastPass, providing a secure storage option with the convenience of universal access. Currently, free users have up to 50 MB of encrypted storage, and Premium users have up to 1GB.

Attachments are supported on all browser addons and platforms, as well as the Premium iOS and Android mobile apps (updates are pending release) and the free LastPass Wallet app on iOS.

Credit Monitoring

We now offer free credit monitoring alerts for users in the United States to help you more proactively protect your identity and personal data. Without impacting your credit scores, you can create a form fill profile and enable the free credit monitoring option.

If any changes are detected that could affect your credit report, such as suspected fraud or changes to your personal account information, you will receive a notification issued from TransUnion that something has happened. You can cross-check this alert with your own actions that may have resulted in the change (did you open a credit card, or take out a loan?). If you haven’t done something that would have caused the notification, it’s a good opportunity to utilize your free annual credit report (validated by the FTC).

Think of our free credit monitoring alerts as a way to determine when to get your free annual credit report, or simply as a way to receive more timely information than is normally available for free.

If the worst happens and your identity is stolen, or you have a number of alerts that you can’t account for, then LastPass Premium credit monitoring is advisable. Available for $9.95 per month, and separate from LastPass Premium, the Premium-level credit monitoring service offers much more detailed reports on what changed and how to investigate or resolve any issues that affect your credit monitoring report.

Why credit monitoring?

  • We are dedicated to defending your data and identity and providing tools that help you be proactive, such as generating unique passwords, securely storing your logins, and using multifactor authentication options to increase the security of your account,
  • We love giving away valuable products for free, and pointing users to valuable resources to help them protect themselves and more effectively manage their identity, and
  • The Premium credit monitoring service offers true value at a competitive price.

Enabling the free credit monitoring alerts in no way obligates you to upgrade. There are no strings attached to the free service, and you can simply use it to receive regular updates or time when to get your annual free credit report (as mandated by the FTC). If you’d prefer not to go through the hassle of getting your free annual report, or want more information on a regular basis, the Premium credit monitoring service is recommended.


Improved User Experience

Other changes have improved LastPass overall. The vault is now identical whether accessed locally through one of the browser addons, or online through the web login at Users now have more direct access to LastPass features in both vaults, including more easily adding notes, updating settings and managing stored data. New users will see tabs in the vault outlining available LastPass features and their key benefits.

Faster start up time and silent upgrades in Internet Explorer also ensure an improved experience moving forward.

We’ve come a long way!

Between our last major release and this one, we’ve added some big changes to the LastPass password manager. Users who have been with us a long time may already be aware of most, if not all, of these features, but here’s a recap of how we’ve continued to improve LastPass:

  • LastPass Enterprise: Teams large and small can use LastPass Enterprise to build shared password repositories with robust sync capabilities, enforce customized security standards, utilize reporting for auditing and compliance, and reduce time wasted on help desk calls and password resets.
  • LastPass Wallet: Currently available on iOS, Wallet backs up your billfold, with attachments, for free.
  • Multifactor Authentication: We’ve added support for Google Authenticator, Grid, Sesame, YubiKey, fingerprint scanners, and Smart Cards, all effective ways for you to add another layer of security to your LastPass account and your personal data.
  • WiFi Logins: Easily import and export WiFi passwords from your computer, for convenient sharing and storage.
  • Increased security: By implementing PBKDF2 using a variable, user-controlled setting, we’ve increased local brute-force protection, and we continue to make updates as we monitor the threat landscape.
  • Support for all major smartphones and tablets: In our promise to offer universal access to your data, we’ve continued to expand the browsers, platforms, and devices we support, including mobile apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and more. We continue to be dedicated to supporting new platforms and devices as the market changes.

We’d like to say “Thank you!” to all the users who have continued to use and recommend LastPass. More exciting features and improvements are on their way, so as always, stay tuned!

– The LastPass Team


  • Anonymous says:

    Today I’ve updated my FireFox to 18.
    The Lastpass-addon 2.0 is not compatible with Firefox 18.
    Is there a way to fix that?

  • Anonymous says:


    I have a problem with firefox here. I added all my important documents (passport, driver license, …) in a picture format to secures notes in Lastpass last summer. The problem is if I try to check the pictures now, it open in Firefox as a xul extention and we can’t scroll the picture or resize or anything. Since my initial picture was bigger than my screen, I cannot see the bottom of the picture. That is kind of weird. Just let me open the jpg as a jpg and not a chrome://lastpass/content/img.xul link. Do I need another extension or is this normal behavior?