Could your company’s data use an extra layer of security? Meet the LastPass Enterprise + YubiKey Bundle.

Want to find a middle ground between securing access to your company’s data, while still increasing your team’s productivity?

Then the LastPass Enterprise and YubiKey bundle could be the solution you’ve been looking for. We’ve partnered with the Yubico team to offer two new bundle options specifically for Enterprise accounts, including:

  • A smaller option for 10 YubiKeys and 10 LastPass Enterprise licenses for $400, and
  • A larger option for 50 YubiKeys and 50 LastPass Enterprise licenses for $1,750

If you’re unfamiliar with our Enterprise offering, it has the same core functionality as the standard LastPass product, but with extensive administrative capabilities and robust sharing features for easily assigning, reassigning, and monitoring company data across individuals, functional teams, and the whole organization. Not to mention, with LastPass Enterprise, you are able to enforce high security standards – without asking too much of your employees.

In fact, with LastPass Enterprise, your employees will have full access to their data on any browser, computer, or device they need to use, with all the data they need to get to, shared and synced directly with their LastPass account. No more typing, no more forgetting passwords, no more time wasted every day on repetitive tasks.

Now you can easily use multifactor authentication, too, with the YubiKey bundle. The YubiKey is a “token” that looks like a small USB memory drive, but is actually a keyboard. LastPass multifactor authentication combines something you “know” (your LastPass master password) with a physical device (the YubiKey) that securely generates a second piece of data. It protects from hackers at a security level that can be compared with a smart card.

Once the YubiKey has been associated with a LastPass account, the user will be prompted to swipe the YubiKey after entering their master password. With a simple touch of the device, it automatically generates and enters a unique identity and one time password into the LastPass prompt. The OTP is instantly verified, enabling secure login within a second.

With the new LastPass Enterprise and YubiKey bundle, you can add cost-effective security to employee accounts and company data, and increase team productivity. We’d call it a win-win!

If you think Enterprise could help your team, get started with a complimentary trial. If you’re already in trial or have an existing Enterprise account, you can purchase a LastPass Enterprise and YubiKey bundle at any time here.

Non-Enterprise LastPass users can take advantage of a LastPass Premium and YubiKey bundle as well.

Questions? Comments? Leave a post below or reach out to our Sales team at sales[at]lastpass[dot]com at any time.

The LastPass Team