Windows Phone 7 App Update: More Robust Secure Notes, Improved Work Flow

By May 8, 2012 Mobile 13 Comments
A new update for the LastPass Windows Phone 7 app is now available for download from the Windows Phone marketplace! In addition to user interface changes and improvements in overall performance, we’ve added several new features that make entering and accessing your data more convenient, including more robust secure note templates, a tap-and-hold site menu for quicker access to data, and support for full-screen browser mode.
Securely store everything in your physical wallet with secure notes
The added number of secure note templates let you add customized entries for all of your credit cards, memberships, IDs, PINs, and other valuable personal information. Secure notes provide a backup of your data, so if you ever lose your physical wallet, you’ll know immediately which cards need to be replaced, and how to go about replacing them. They also help you store all the pieces of data and scraps of paper that you carry with you on a regular basis, so you can travel a little lighter and a little more securely.
Once logged in to the LastPass app, while in the “Sites” view, tap the three dots (ellipsis) menu at the bottom of the screen and select the “add secure note” option. You can then tap the “Note Type” field (Generic is loaded by default) and select the relevant template.
Forget all those random post-its and Excel files, the more robust secure notes help you securely and centrally manage access to your sensitive data.
Easily copy password to clipboard with tap-and-hold content menu
In the same way that you can right-click on the desktop version of Internet Explorer to use the copy and paste to clipboard shortcuts, you can now tap-and-hold on a site entry to easily access the “copy username” and “copy password” functions.
If you’re multitasking back and forth between different apps, it simplifies the process of grabbing the login data you need.
When you’re in the “Sites” view or when using the “Search” function to locate a login, you can long-tap (tap and hold) on the site name to bring up the content menu. You’ll see options to launch the site, edit the site entry, or copy the username or password to the clipboard, to be pasted elsewhere on the device.
Enjoy a richer browsing experience with full screen mode
For a better view of your sites as you login via the LastPass app’s embedded browser, you can now expand the browser view to “full screen” mode.
When you launch a site or swipe to the browser view, you can tap the button with the outward facing arrows to expand and minimize the browser window. The full screen mode lets you view more content within a simplified frame.

And more!

Over the last few updates we’ve also redesigned the UI of the app using pivot control.You’ll notice you can now swipe through the Sites, Search, and Browser views to easily access and sort through your data.

We’ve also included a handful of minor changes to improve overall functionality of the app, including performance enhancements and crash fixes. If you’re curious about trying the app, you can download it and trial it for 2 weeks before upgrading to Premium.

Remember, if you like the changes we’ve made to the Windows Phone app, leave a review in the marketplace, or let us know what you think in the comments below. More updates to our mobile apps and improvements to LastPass overall are in the works!

The LastPass Team


  • Anonymous says:

    Finally. copy and paste are in WIndows Phone. It was horrible before this arrived. Switching from android and ios to windows phone made me regret using lastpass as trying to login to sites was very bad. now its back to normal.


  • Anonymous says:

    What’s the version number? If it’s 1.86 it still doesn’t seem very secure. If I have it remember my password, I expect to be prompted for my PIN when I start the application. Isn’t that how the iOS app works?

    • We added this feature just after 1.86 was submitted to microsoft for approval (about 2 weeks ago). We are resubmitting the app again today so this change will be available, hopefully it will be approved within a week or so.


    • Anonymous says:

      Fantastic news.

  • Anonymous says:

    The new additions and taking advantage of the WP 7.5 UI is great news. Thanks for the continuing effort can’t wait to download it from the Marketplace

  • Rachel says:

    This is much better than the previous try…good job LastPass! Really liked the changes made, esp how easy it is to multitask b/t apps. :)

  • CM says:

    I’m getting a “your trial has expired on this device”, when trying to test the new version.

    • Amber says:

      If you forward your account email address to support[at]lastpass[dot]com we’d be happy to extend your free trial of the app – thanks for revisiting!

  • CM says:

    Have to give a try. The previous version was really not up to the ease I had expected from neither WP or LastPass.