70% of Us Forgot Passwords in the Last Month. Will You Help Us Stop the Madness?

It pains us at LastPass to see this statistic. Yes, 70% of us forgot a password in the past month, according to a recent survey by Symantec that polled 1,028 adults in the last month. On top of forgetting a password, 40% of those surveyed also admitted that remembering their passwords is one of the most difficult challenges of their daily life – more stressful than balancing their checkbook!

It’s true, managing a growing amount of data has become an inconvenient reality of modern life. We live in a world where technology is becoming more and more integrated into all aspects of our everyday lives. Which means we use an ever-increasing number of online accounts, apps, and services, all of which require usernames and details for us to keep track of. We also need our data in more places than ever – on our computers at home and at work, on our smartphones and tablets.

We know that the stress of remembering passwords and other online account details leads us to follow bad password management practices, such as:

  • Using the same password(s) everywhere,
  • Using variations of the same password(s),
  • Using personally identifiable information, such as pet names, birth dates, or nicknames, as passwords,
  • Storing account information on notes around the desk or office, or taped under the keyboard, and
  • Keeping default logins, such as “admin” and “password”, enabled on our systems.

Even with bad password management practices, though, we’re still forgetting our logins. We’re wasting time resetting our passwords, and we’re dealing with the inconvenience of constantly trying to keep track of all of our data.

So it’s clear things need to change. It’s clear that we need strong passwords, and we need unique passwords for each of our accounts. But we need a way to keep track of those passwords, without taxing our brains or adding more stress to our lives. And we need that data to be accessible wherever we are – at home, at work, on our mobile devices. We need a solution that makes all of the above possible.

And that solution is: LastPass. And of course, LastPass users are already aware of how LastPass simplifies your digital life and helps you follow best password management practices while still making it easier to manage all of your data. But there’s a whole population of Internet users out there who are still doing things the hard way, who deserve to know that there’s an easier, more secure way!

We challenge you, LastPass users, to help us stop the password madness. The next time someone tells you they forgot a password, ask them if they’d consider a password manager like LastPass. Explain how password managers work, and how LastPass simplifies your digital life and improves your online security.

While we’re reflecting on spreading the word about LastPass:

  • What motivated you to start using a password manager, and how did you make your selection?
  • Do you have a story about using LastPass that would be motivating to others? If so, send it along to press[at]lastpass[dot]com.

Help us #bethepasswordchange today for a more secure tomorrow.

The LastPass Team


  • Cheng says:

    Use it. Love it. I’m onboard: stop the madness! Problem is that people are oddly reluctant to adopt, even after watching me use it and listening to me rave. Maybe I’m a bad salesman / spokesman / ambassador. Maybe it seems like too much work.

  • Anonymous says:

    I started using LassPass after Leo Laporte from The Tech Guy podcast recommended it for people who have a problem remembering their passwords. So far I love the service and even thought seriously about upgrading to the pro version with a Yubi key. Keep up the great work!

    • Amber says:

      We’re glad to hear that motivated you to try LastPass. Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson have had some great features on our products, our encryption technology, and why a password manager is so useful. Be sure to choose the YubiKey + Premium bundle deal if you do decide to give it a go!

  • Tom says:

    What motivated me to start using a password manager? I’ve always known that it is important to use a different password for every site where you have an account but using so many different passwords is hard. And I always felt like that a password manager limited me because when I use a friend’s computer, I don’t have my passwords with me (because he doesn’t have the same, or no password manager). But then I realized that in 98% of all the sites I log in to, I’m doing it on my own computer. So I only have to remember passwords for those other 2% which I do access from other computers and this is what convinced me to use a password manager.

    I based my selection on the security features and the platform support. I think it is very important that a password managers doesn’t know your sites or passwords (a zero-knowledge policy) and offers sufficient protection (2-factor authentication). And to be useful, you have to be able to access your passwords from every platform (windows, mac, Linux, android, iOS…). Based on this criteria, LastPass was an obvious choice.

    • Amber says:

      We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, Tom! Thanks for highlighting the security features and cross-platform syncing capabilities as top benefits/selling points for you.

  • Maurice says:

    I found out about it by accident. Never have i been happier with an accident since, it’s just so convenient that i can’t imagine my online life without it. Keep up the great work. I definitely recommend LastPass.

  • I’ve been using it since 2010, I believe, while still in BETA. I think I saw a link in a newsletter or something, and found it interesting and having a great potential, so I put some effort to it and made the first translation into Swedish in a couple of days. I cannot survive online without LastPass now – it has about everything anyone needs to be safe and secure! :-D

  • John Doe says:

    I just came here because of the image =/

    Keep kicking butt LastPass!