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LastPass received top honors today when PCMag declared our iPhone app a “must-have”. Featured alongside giants like Mint and Evernote, the article highlighted the productivity and security advantages for using LastPass on your iPhone, not to mention the convenience of syncing across all of your other devices so you’ll always have access to your most up-to-date data. To top it off, the article re-iterated that as an overall service, LastPass Premium “scored a rare five out of five stars in PCMag’s review and easily earned our Editors’ Choice.”

If you’re interested in LastPass for iPhone, our app can be found in the iTunes store and is currently part of our Premium upgrade, which gives unlimited access to additional features for $12 per year.

We’re proud of the recognition, and want to take the opportunity to say “thanks” to our awesome users for their ongoing use of LastPass. We continue to strive to provide a top-notch service that gives you convenient access to your data where you need it, when you need it. We have more great changes in store for our iPhone app as we continue to add improvements and updates.

The LastPass Team


  • Deb says:

    Last Pass for iPhone? Do all of my apps become null and avoid if I use LP. Another words to use the LP security features, I use Facebook, Amazon etc. ONLY through my Last Pass App browser? Nothing ever directly through their own apps anymore? Seems majorly awkward. Thoughts?

    • Amber Gott says:

      Hi Deb: Thanks for reaching out. Your other apps are not null and void, you would simply use LastPass to help you login to your other apps. You would be able to copy-paste the usernames and passwords if you ever need to login to your other apps, or you can use the LastPass browser to login to any websites if you don’t want to install those apps. Hopefully that clarifies, please let us know if we can be of further help:

  • Anonymous says:

    Lastpass works very well for me and solves most of the problems that I need to have solved. $12/year isn’t too much for me to pay for this service, when it ensures that the service will continue in the future. The main improvement that I’d like to see is integration with Safari on the iPhone, but I understand that Apple might not allow this. I also see that Symantec has released something similar, but I do my best to avoid dealing with Symantec after they screwed me out of a couple of rebates. So I’ll stick with LastPass as long as I continue to get the sense that my data is secure.

  • Anonymous says:

    CJoshDoll you should check out and search the the Security Now episode where Steve Gibson does a complete look at LastPass and it is the service he uses which is good enough for me. The main take away is that the file is encrypted locally with your key and the only item stored at LastPass in the cloud is the encrypted file which they don’t have your key. So the as long as you use a good master password you don’t have much to worry about.

  • Emma Nelson says:

    LastPass works the best for me, the only disadvantage is that mobile phones are a pro assistance so while the app is free you will have to pay 1$/month to use it.

  • CJoshDoll says:

    I use it, but only because it’s the only solution out there. I don’t mind a subscription service, however the model that you are REQUIRED to store your data with LastPass is a serious issue for me (and everyone in the security community)!!! I understand the ease of use it provides, however I’d much rather that be an OPTION not a req. If a KeePass version is ever released that allows direct sync with devices (via iTunes or bonjour) then KeePass will be GONE for me.

    Aside from the fact that KeePass is far more versitle and feature rich IMO, the fact it uses local storage with the option to use a storage provider makes it much better.

    This is information security we are talking about, and you’re asking us to break the first rule and trust an unknown source. You can provide all the “proof” you want that our data is secure, however we still have to trust you. While it may be darn secure, there’s 2 things no company can prevent: inside unauthorized access and more importantly a govt subpoena.

    • Anonymous says:

      I meant to say if a sync ver of KeePass ever comes out LastPass is gone for me.

    • Joe Siegrist says:

      You have to trust all the makers of KeePass too unless you’re committed to fully auditing the source every time you build it, and never downloading a binary, always building from source.

      You need an Apple Developer account at $99 a year to compile that source to put it on your iPhone.

      My point is that you have to trust the maker of any binary you install.

      LastPass is designed to prevent unauthorized access from anyone. Getting your encrypted data should not be something you fear unless you use an insecure password.

    • Anonymous says:

      We all have to make a decision of who or what to trust. For me the LastPass team has earned my trust and that of several security experts and product reviewers. Is LastPass perfect, no nothing is, but LastPass’ track record is extremely clean for a product that is very flexible.

      Keepass is a very good product. LastPass is better, and has shown no reason to distrust it.

      I’m still amazed that I have not yet since one person claiming with full confidence that their LastPass account was indeed compromised. Heck, I would expect that due to a weak master password, which would the user’s fault, but it appears when users take security seriously, they do and LastPass allows them to do so.

  • Anonymous says:

    I use LastPass on my iPhone but don’t like the experience on iOS devices that much, why is there still no way to use it as a plugin in a real browser like Safari or for example iCab?
    On Android you can use it as a plugin as far as I know in Firefox Mobile and Dolphin HD what gives you the great experience you are used to on desktop machines but on the iPhone I hardly ever run it since I just don’t like switching between LastPass and the main browser all the time.

  • xtyy says:

    No way in hell. Not at $12 bucks a YEAR. I love LastPass but not that much.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. Do you value your data and online identity so little? A dollar a month is nothing compared to the security LastPass offers. And how else is the service going to be funded?

  • Anonymous says:

    Are we now able to see passwords in the app? I dropped my Premium Sub because that was missing in the app.

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