Help Us Celebrate “National Change Your Password Day”!

Yep, you heard us right – National Change Your Password Day, an impromptu initiative by the teams at Gizmodo and Lifehacker. In the last few days they’ve worked to drum up some anticipation for, let’s face it, perhaps the most groan-worthy day of celebration possible.

But that aside, we support their quest to spread better password practices and to push the idea of a password manager as the only efficient way to do the password thing right.

We know it’s difficult to inspire change for how we handle passwords. After all, who wants to spend the time and energy worrying about them? There are so many reasons not to try – we’re busy, we’re lazy, we don’t think it will happen to us, and besides, we have our one or two strong passwords that we use everywhere, right?

But there’s one good reason to put some thought into passwords today, and that’s LastPass. LastPass centralizes your account data, makes it easy to generate strong, unique passwords, helps you easily login to your sites, and ensures you have your data where you need it, when you need it.

So in honor of National Change Your Password Day, could you do two things for us?

  1. Run the Security Check (via the LastPass Icon, under the Tools menu select ‘Security Check’) and commit to updating just 1 weak password today, and
  2. Tell someone about LastPass, and how it’s changed your life.

Help us #bethepasswordchange today for a more secure tomorrow.


The LastPass Team


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  • Anonymous says:

    This program is just as stupid as all other created password programs, it is meaningless because it does not do what it should do.
    I have more work than before.
    It is best to copy and pastes, which costs at least no nerves.
    And I wanted to relieve myself and the browser, but it has again proved to be shit-test.
    There is no program that can really take it with login pages, because what makes last pass, that makes all browsers already internally and sometimes better not recommended!

    But I can well imagine that my comment is deleted, because that is mostly Sun
    Because nobody likes a negative rating.

    Yours sincerely,
    B. Schwab (

  • it’d be nice if somehow lastpass could help facilitate periodic changing of even good secure passwords that it stores. Also if it could perhaps inspire a common and secure (hopefully someday standard) API to do so.

  • Matthew says:

    Funny, I decided to change my year old master password a couple of days ago. :)