New Year’s Resolutions with LastPass: #2 Organize Your Vault

Now that you ran the LastPass Security Check and received your score, it’s time to start getting things more organized so we can help you improve your numbers and start taking advantage of more LastPass features.

When you reviewed the Security Check results, you may have noted that you have a few weak passwords, old login information, and maybe even duplicate site entries as a result of importing old data. Our tips today will help you de-clutter your logins so we can move to the next step of updating your old passwords and improving your Security Check score.

Some of you ambitious LastPass-ers may have already moved on to that step, but for those taking this slowly we’re helping you break this down into manageable steps!

1. De-Clutter Your Vault with Groups

If you go to your LastPass Icon and open My LastPass Vault, you will see your data displayed in alphabetical order by site name:

By default your sites are organized into three Groups: Recently Used, Secure Notes (this will not be visible if you have not added a Secure Note) and a blank or ‘None’ group for sites that have not been assigned to a Group.

Take 10 minutes to Group, or re-Group your logins. Grouping your sites will help break your logins down into manageable segments, helping you quickly access the data you need.

Click the “Create Group” link to create new Groups in the vault:

You may find it easy to create Groups by category, such as Email, Social Networks, Shopping, Banking, and more. Others may prefer to group by the area of their life: School, Home, Work, and others. Find a system that works for you, create as many Group folders you think you may need, and start re-arranging. If you want to re-name an existing Group, you can right-click on the Group name and choose “Rename Group”.

Sub-Groups can also be created if you want to further break down a category.

With your Groups created, you can start dragging and dropping sites into the Groups. You can also right-click on a site name and choose “Move to Group” or “Move to Sub-Group”.

If you have a large number of sites, you may find it easier to move multiple logins at once by using ctrl + left click or shift + left-click, then right-click over the entries and select an action:

Now, when you are prompted to add new a site to LastPass, you can simply click the “Group” drop-down you can select the appropriate location or create a new Group to keep things organized.

2. Delete Old Logins

You may have noticed you still have old logins with invalid passwords lingering in your vault. You can delete the login from you vault by selecting “delete” for the entry.

Sites can also be deleted by right-clicking over the site name in the vault and selecting “delete”. Large numbers of sites can be deleted by ctrl + left-clicking or shift + left-clicking to select multiple sites, then right-clicking over the entries and choosing an action.

If you accidentally delete a site and need to retrieve it, simply go to your More menu in upper-right corner of the vault, and select “Show Deleted Sites”.

From this page you can check one or more logins and click “Undelete” from the right-hand menu. Deleted entries are cleared after 30 days.

3. Remove Duplicate Entries

Those who imported data from previous password managers or from a browser may notice duplicate entries stored in the vault. To quickly de-clutter these duplicates, click the “Account Settings” link in the vault:

and choose the option to “Remove duplicate sites from your account”:

You’re Making Progress!

With a newly re-organized vault and your sites neatly grouped, we hope you’ll find it easier to manage and access your data. De-cluttering will help us move forward with steps to up your security check score and generally get more out of LastPass. More tips are on the way!

The LastPass Team