New Year’s Resolutions with LastPass: #1 Run the LastPass Security Check

In the spirit of setting new goals and making positive changes as we start the new year, we’re putting together a mini-series of posts on “New Year’s Resolutions with LastPass”. Our little tips and reminders will contain simple steps that help increase your online security in 2012, and ensure you get the most benefit out of the features LastPass has to offer to improve your digital life.

First up, let’s take stock of the data stored in your LastPass account with the LastPass Security Check! Located in your LastPass Icon under the Tools menu, the LastPass Security Check analyzes the passwords stored in your LastPass account.

When you open and run the Security Check, you are given a score from 0 to 100 and ranked amongst LastPass users who have taken the test before, based on such factors as the strength and uniqueness of your passwords, the number of passwords stored in LastPass, and the use of multifactor authentication with your account.

You might be surprised by the results – most people underestimate the number of logins they have stored, and the number of old passwords still lurking there.

If you’ve run the Security Check before, you will see a graph charting the history of your performance over time – hopefully showing improvements as you’ve continued to use LastPass!

Take a minute today to run the Security Check and review your numbers. We won’t get into the work right now of raising your score, but let’s use it as an opportunity to see how your passwords are doing, and see where there are some areas for improvement. Do you have a lot of old logins with old, simple passwords? Are you still using the same passwords across multiple sites?

If you answered “yes”, or just generally see room for improvement, our upcoming posts will help you up your score and get back on track!

The LastPass Team


  • mike aschoff says:

    From above “Located in your LastPass Icon under the Tools menu”. LastPass Icon? Where is this?

  • Anonymous says:

    I just want to remark that I find Lastpass the best application for security… Thank all of you @lastpass for generously offering security to the world.

    My Respect!

    The Netherlands

  • Anonymous says:

    This whole series was a great idea from the Lastpass folks! Serves two purposes:
    1. Teaches people about more features and more security measures et al.
    2. Serves as very good way of marketing!

    Kudos Lastpass team.
    Happy user of LastPass for almost 18 months!

  • Anonymous says:

    My password is N3verG7v3It@pp … and now it is not strong anymore, as you all now it…

  • Anonymous says:

    My account wasn’t properly setup. Password recovery failed. There’s no phone number or chat line to get support. You guys suck!

  • Efemmeral says:

    What should be done with websites (like Dell) that seem to prohibit the use of secure passwords? After generating a password with 23 characters, including special characters, I received this Fail notice:

    Invalid Password: Please enter a password that contains at least one letter and one number. It can contain only numbers (0-9), upper and lower case letters (A-Z, a-z), dollar signs ($), question marks (?), plus signs (+), periods (.), and commas (,).

    • Amber says:

      Unfortunately we just have to adjust accordingly, for the time-being. You can use the “show advanced options” to generate a new password that meets their specifications. Hopefully in the future services will permit a much higher standard of password security.


    • Fred Fnord says:

      Hah. Dell is generous. I have a brokerage account that requires that the password be between 8 and 12 characters in length, with only alphanumeric characters allowed, AND it silently collapses capital and small letters together without telling you.