New Year’s Resolutions with LastPass: #6 Revamp Form Fill Profiles with Our 4 Tips

The LastPass Fill Form feature makes online shopping and account registration less painful by eliminating most of the required typing, getting you through checkout even faster.

If you’re already set up with a few Form Fill profiles, here are 4 ways to revamp Form Fill for better use this year:

1. Remove credit card information stored in online accounts. As the recent incident with Zappos shows, it’s important for the end user to be as cautious as possible with online shopping. Many sites allow you to store credit cards in your account to facilitate easy checkout. With LastPass Form Fill, though, there’s no more need to store them with the site, since it’s easy to autofill the next time you check out. If you frequent sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers, consider updating your site’s account settings to not store your credit card information, and rely on Form Fill to insert your data when you need it.

2. Check for expired or outdated Credit Cards.
Recently replaced a card? Make sure the new changes are reflected in your profiles.

3. Update profiles with any address changes.
If you’ve moved recently, take a moment to review your profiles to ensure you have the most up-to-date information for your addresses and credit cards.

4. Set a “Default Profile” and use a hotkey to autofill.
If you have several profiles but use one more often than the others, consider checking the “default form fill profile” option in the Preferences menu of the LastPass browser icon. You can then set the hotkey for the default profile in the Hotkeys section of the Preferences menu (such as Ctrl + Alt + T). Next time you need to autofill your default form fill profile, you can simply enter your hotkey.

As a quick recap if you’re less familiar with the Form Fill feature, you can follow these brief steps to set up a Form Fill Profile and get started with autofilling online shopping and registration forms:

  • Go to your LastPass Icon, and from the Fill Forms menu select “Add Profile”
  • Give the new profile a memorable name, especially if you have profiles for more than one person, credit card, or address
  • Enter your contact information or credit card data to the profile, and save
  • Start shopping! The next time you’re on a checkout or registration page, LastPass will prompt you to autofill with your Form Fill profiles

For more detailed information on how to set up your Form Fill profiles and start shopping more efficiently with LastPass, read our recent in-depth blog post.

The LastPass Team

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  • Anonymous says:

    The form fill might work well in English, working in other languages is a pain though. You would think that changing the language in the form fill profile might help, actually it often seems to make it worse. For example: I tried to fill a form in Swedish the other day. Since my English profile didn’t manage to fill all the fields, I switched it to Swedish. Ha, now all the fields stayed empty when trying to fill the form.

    I really like Last Pass, but I would like it even more if you guys would put in some more work in your form fill feature – there is plenty of room for improvement.

    Also consider the point from the post above, filling in credit card information when you don’t want it or into hidden fields is a risk. Maybe you want to add an option that allows an additional prompt before the form fill also fills the credit card information.

    • Amber says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Developing form fill in other languages is an ongoing effort. You can submit specific reports to the team at support[at], it will help us continue to improve our accuracy.

      The security risk is a valid point. There is a “warn before filling insecure forms” feature, which you can check in the LastPass Icon > Preferences > Advanced menu, that will pop a warning in this scenario.


    • HotSkies says:

      I would like to third the request for more options when filling in sensitive data. I stay logged into Lastpass most of the time, and use form-filling to provide basic info like my name, address, etc. But I would like an additional pw prompt when filling in sensitive data such as my ssn, cc#, etc. the way Roboform does.

      Seems like a simple task to allow me to set a flag on certain data in my profile that I’d like to be prompted for again (just like pws prompt when I click on ‘show’)

      For now I have enabled the option to always prompt me before filling in any forms, but that’s annoying when it’s just my address or something I am less cautious about.

      Thanks for making and supporting a superior product and keep up the good work!

    • HotSkies says:

      It’s almost built in actually. There’s a checkmark titled “Require Password Reprompt” at the bottom-left of the profile editing dialog that has separate tabs for Personal, Contact, Credit Card, etc. If these checkmarks applied to each tab rather than the entire profile I could make my credit card data prompt for a pw while allowing the other fields to auto-fill.

      But there’d have to be some way to move SSN from the personal data tab…

  • Anonymous says:

    I always make sure to have a profile with no credit card information at all. This way I don’t have to worry about accidentally filling out a form with credit card information if it is not necessary or just in case a website got hacked/hijacked there are not any hidden fields my credit card information got automatically filled into.

  • Anonymous says:

    What is the difference between entering credit cards in profile, and as a separate entry. Why is this doubled?

    • Amber says:

      For many, the “mix and match” functionality is useful, since you may need have various shipping and billing addresses that are applicable across several credit or debit cards. If you create several address profiles and credit card profiles, you can then mix and match as you fill out a form – essentially, it just ensures you have the most accurate results possible. If you only have one address and one credit card, the single profile may suit your needs.