LastPass 1.90 Released for All Browsers, Featuring Import & Export of WiFi Passwords

By January 30, 2012 Product Updates 42 Comments

As many of our users may have already noted, a LastPass addon update for all browsers has been rolled out, with a few big and small changes.

On Windows and Mac OS X, LastPass can now pull WiFi passwords from your computer and save them as a new type of “Secure Note”. To do so, locate your “Tools” menu under the LastPass Icon, select “Import” and choose “WiFi passwords”:

Selecting the WiFi Passwords import option generates separate secure notes for each WiFi network, and stores the passkey and connection type for each. On Windows, you can then export the WiFi passwords onto other computers! The process does require a WiFi connection to import and export, and for Windows requires a separate executable that’s only added when you run the Windows installer. Please see our helpdesk article for more information on using the new feature:

Also on the list of updates and improvements are:

  • HSTS support on for all browsers,
  • A universal installer for OSX,
  • Support for the autocompletetype attribute,
  • For Enterprise, sites can be added to, removed from, and shared between Shared Folders much more easily,
  • And a number of performance and functionality improvements.

More exciting updates on the way!


The LastPass Team