Three Great New Features Added to Windows Phone 7 App

By November 28, 2011 Mobile 15 Comments

Our recent Windows Phone 7 update includes three new features to help round out your LastPass mobile experience. We’ve added support for pin-code prompt on reactivation, grouping of sites in the vault, and fast-app switching. Here are the specifics:

Pin Code Prompt

You can enable the pin code prompt in your app settings so that when multitasking back to the LastPass app, you’re prompted to enter your 4-digit code. This provides an extra layer of security that’s more manageable on your Windows Phone 7, since you won’t have to re-enter your master password each time you reopen the app.

To enable the pin code prompt, login to the LastPass app to view your LastPass vault. Tap the ellipses (three dots) at the bottom of the screen to expand the menu options. Tap the “set pin code” option, and enter a 4-digit pin code. The next time you multitask away from and back to the LastPass app, you’ll enter this pin code to regain access.

Grouping of Sites in the Vault

Previously, the Windows Phone 7 app displayed all of your stored data as a list in alphabetical order. With the latest update, your sites will now be organized by groups, the same way they are organized in the vault via your desktop browser addon.

Grouping allows you to better organize your data and more quickly sort through your sites for the logins you need.

Fast App Switching

Support for Fast App Switching allows you to easily switch between LastPass and other apps, helping to improve your workflow. To use Fast App Switching, hold down the back button and you will see all apps that are currently running. You can tap another app’s icon to quickly switch to that app.

Plus more!

We made several improvements and bug fixes. For example, if you’ve enabled Google Authentication and are using it to login to the LastPass mobile app, we’ve improved support for switching apps when entering the Google Auth login code. We’re working hard to bring more updates and improvements to our mobile apps and browser addons – stay tuned!

The LastPass Team


  • Anonymous says:

    Excellent update — thanks!

    Though I would echo the comments above about needing a persistent number option for pin entry. IE integration would also be great, though admittedly I’ve no idea how feasible this is.

  • An update has been submitted to the marketplace, thanks for letting us know.

  • Robin says:

    Regarding the PIN… being able to enter letters doesn’t bother me. Actually, I found that it was easier to simply bypass the PIN :P You can just press the back button and the app goes back to its previous screen, PIN or no PIN.

    (also, yeah, please do whatever you can to allow integration with IE at least… hopefully Opera releases a WP7 version soon with LastPass in it :D )

  • @Conser —

    It should certainly be in Marketplace (that is the only way that most people was able to install).

    We plan on adding write capability soon.


  • Conser says:

    As far as I can see, this still is not available in the MarketPlace for Windows Phone. Can you please give us an estimate?

    Also, being able to CHANGE passwords on the phone is a really important feature. I hope that makes it into a future release.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Eveline says:

    Nice windows phone app. I just created a premium account. Like it a lot. I share the criticism concerning the pin code. A pin code is almost always a 4 digit NUMBER. So, please update the app with the possibility to make an input number only possible!! Thanks!!

  • JMC says:

    Thanks for the support of this excellent phone platform!

    Would love to see full integration with the mobile browser though. I know that’s an issue that’s not at your end, but it’s a real shortcoming overall.

  • Anonymous says:

    .76 updated failed to load from the marketplace because I had it running in the background. No error was handled. Once I stopped the app in the background the install/update process worked.

  • twilightsoul says:

    I used an alphabetic PIN (I guess that would actually be a PIW — Personal Identification Word), and it’s fine with me. Better, in fact, because there are 456,976 (26^4) possibilities (more if you include numbers and symbols — something like 1/4 billion, assuming 128 characters per spot) compared to only 10,000 possibilities on 4 digit PIN.

  • Jimm Burrell says:

    Had to uninstall it from Wp7 because it would not let me proceed, saying my free-trial was over and had to buy the premium version,,,that was it – zilch – zip – nothing else – too bad.

  • Brian says:

    I love the app overall, I use LastPass all the time and appreciate the WP7 support. I’d also just like to echo the numerical keyboard request and to not use the standard keyboard which requires me switching into the numerical view for every number.


  • Max S says:

    Has this been released yet?

  • sab0tage says:

    As Martin has said, the PIN entry should use the numeric only keypad. I think there should also be an option to allow the PIN instead of having to use the master password when the app is started as normal, rather than just on resume.

  • Martin Zugec says:

    I love the idea, BUT…

    Could you please change the keyboard for PIN prompt to numeric only (or at least make it an option)?

    The PIN input file is very unfriendly and hard to use :(


  • DJDB says:

    That’s great, keep it up, thanks for supporting WP7 users!

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