Free 6 Months Premium for All University Students!

By September 20, 2011 LastPass Stories 10 Comments

With back-to-school season in full swing, we’re giving away 6 months of LastPass Premium to all university students! For a limited time, students with a valid university email address can go to to go through the quick steps to upgrade your LastPass account.

The Premium upgrade will allow students to take full advantage of LastPass’ secure cross-browser, cross-platform syncing capabilities to access login data from anywhere, at any time. LastPass makes student life a bit easier by helping you get organized with your digital life and get on with your semester – no more forgotten passwords and no more re-using the same password everywhere. And if your computer happens to crash (fingers crossed it doesn’t, especially right before finals, but if it does…) you’ll be able to reinstall LastPass with no data lost and one less thing to sweat about.

Best of luck this year, students!

The LastPass Team


  • Anonymous says:

    This is great since I have been thinking about paying for the service for months… maybe a year, even but every time I get to doing it, I question if I really should or not since money is tight (well known problem of the college student haha) and many of the premium features I would not even use ever… BUT… I was wishing I could simply try out the ones I WOULD use, even if just for like 24 hours just to check them out; so this gives me a great opportunity to do just that and I’m pretty sure it’ll rid me of the “i don’t know…….. ……” apprehension.

    MY QUESTION: this was almost explained already above, but after validating our account (I use my preferred personal email account already) will we be forced to change it to/use our .edu email instead? I just hate my edu email; it is longer, awkward, uses my legal name instead of my illegal one (j/k… like many people, I don’t go by my legal first name) and the rest is just.. weird subdomain… domain.. tld..

    just wondering cause using something like is so much better than — slightly exaggerated example… but I enjoy using hyperbole to make a grandoise point. ;)

    so, what’s the good word on that? is it still even going on? i don’t know how I missed this post, I check the blog at least… every month or so considering that’s about the normal blog entry rate anyway.

    thanks to anyone who can answer this for me!

    • Anonymous says:

      I went ahead and gave it a shot, so the answer to my own question is no, you’re not forced to change to your .edu and use it instead. You get the email sent to your EDU email, click the activation link, then it asks for your LastPass account email. You can either put it a new email which will create a totally new account (you don’t wanna do that!) or just do the right thing and put in your current LastPass account email, which was the one that I wanted to use, so it all turned out perfect and is working great. Will mess around with all the extra stuff when I get the chance.

      Thank you guys for this! I’m sure once I get used to the Premium account, I won’t go back. Good strategy, at least… give away the product free for 6 months and lose $10… but when they pay for the renewal, you recoup $20. Works out for all.

      One thing I didn’t consider really was XMarks… and if that was part of this thing or not. I guess I’ll just have to try and find out. Either way, I’m pleased! :)

  • Dan Q says:

    Thanks a lot! I’m already a Premium user, but I’m all for getting 6 months free!

  • Anonymous says: