New LastPass Enterprise Feature: Link Your Personal Account to Your Company Account

We’ve added a new feature to LastPass Enterprise that allows you to link your personal LastPass account to your Enterprise LastPass account, making it even easier for you to maintain a workflow between the two!

Take the following scenario. You’ve been a LastPass user for a while, and are loving the convenience and security it adds to your digital life on a daily basis. You start thinking about how disorganized your office is when it comes to passwords – always tracking someone down to get that login, trying to find the Post-It that someone tacked to the community board with the pin to that program…And that’s when you suggest LastPass Enterprise, the SMB solution to password problems!

But once you convince your company to give LastPass a go, you may run into the issue of keeping your current, personal account separate from your newly-created Enterprise account. However, you also don’t like the idea of managing two different LastPass accounts. And that’s where Linked Accounts comes in!

Our new option to “Link Personal Account” allows you to integrate your personal account with your Enterprise account, without mixing your personal data with your business data.

Getting set up with Linked Accounts is easy. Just login to with your Enterprise account. Once you’re logged in, you can click on the “Link Personal Account” link on the left-hand Actions menu:

When prompted, you can then login with your personal account. And voila! Your personal LastPass account will now appear as a sub-folder in the vault of your Enterprise account, and you will be able to view, edit, and login to your personal sites as usual.

Whatever company policies have been created by your organization for LastPass Enterprise will be applied to that sub-folder when you are logged in via your Enterprise account. However, you can still login separately to your personal account, and those Enterprise policies will not be transferred over, nor will the login activity for the sub-folder or your personal account be reported to the Enterprise Admin. Any updates you make to the sub-folder will automatically be pushed back to your personal account.

More great LastPass Enterprise updates are on the way. Try adding your LastPass account to your Enterprise account today – and if this has held you back from starting a trial for your company, check out LastPass Enterprise to see if it meets your company’s needs!


The LastPass Team


  • Anonymous says:

    UGGGHHHH! And now I logged out of my personal acct on my phone and logged in with the enterprise account and got an email on the enterprise account that my free 10 day trial started! I PAID FOR PREMIUM on my personal acct. WHY would an enterprise acct require a user to pay for the app again?!? So if I log into my enterprise account with my linked personal acct, my premium app no longer applies? Someone didn’t think this through well enough.

  • Anonymous says:

    Several ideas:
    1) We need more shared folders for the LastPass Premium account. For example, I may want to share the garage door keypad number with my sister but not the info to my Netflix account. Or I may to share my child’s school credentials but not have her change them. Right now, there’s only one folder, which makes these scenarios a mess.

    2 ) I considered purchasing an Enterprise account for my family members to get the additional shared folders, though really, we need a Premium Plus plan, not an Enterprise plan. Because now we did convince our company to try the Enterprise version, but if I purchase an Enterprise account for my family I can’t link it to my work Enterprise account.

    3) The mobile app needs to allow logging into BOTH a personal account and an Enterprise account. My Enterprise master password is longer and more complex than my personal one which makes it harder to use on a phone. So…have icons in the app (easiest for user) or a dropdown (less easy for user but sufficient) to select the account and then login to whichever one is necessary. I can use 2 browsers to manage my personal/Enterprise from the desktop but not the phone. And right now I’m having trouble linking my personal acct to the Enterprise one because it is having issues with the private key. Honestly I’d probably rather keep them separate entirely.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or two enterprise accounts, for that matter. For the use case where the other person had a secure note in a shared folder and couldn’t share it to the contractor, making multiple copies of the same credential set is an utter fail. Keeping them in sync between copies will be impossible to manage and result in errors and folks having shares when they no longer should because someone will forget how many times that credential was copied.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have LP personal and on my phone and i love it. I convinced two companies so far to PURCHASE the enterprise edition. I linked my account the very next week and i then went into the office and started working. I logged into the Ent account and it was cool, i could see and use both. BUT i had NO IDEA that the enterprise admin then had full access to all my personal entries even if i did not share them.

    this feature would be GREAT if you could use both accounts, and by default, all your personal account data is BLOCKED from the enterprise users unless you share them or move them to the corporate account. I had secure notes with credit card data, and personal banking info, and all of the sudden the sysadmin told me he had all my stuff and could login to my accounts.

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