LastPass for iPhone Gets an Update!

By June 29, 2011 Mobile 13 Comments

It’s arrived – an update to our iPhone app!

We’ve added a few new features and resolved a number of previous issues, amongst them:

  • “Force offline login” support added – this new option on the app’s login screen can be used to speed up the login process if you’re in an area with marginal cell phone coverage
  • Shared folders support added – our latest addition to LastPass for Enterprise is now available on the iPhone app as well
  • Secure note templates sometimes only showed the first line of data, which we’ve resolved
  • A few issues with password re-prompt required are now resolved
  • A number of crash fixes for improvement of general functionality

Thank you for your continued feedback on our iPhone app, and LastPass in general – we’ll continue to roll out updates!

The LastPass Team


  • Mobile Phone says:

    Love lastpass. The design of their app is terrible though

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this update.
    I really appreciate your multiplatform efforts.

  • JustJoan says:

    I have an iPad 2, so no YubiKey port available. Is there a virtual YubiKey or something that could be loaded and unloaded on login/signoff, rather than a resident app?

  • Neil Grogan says:

    Andy above has some good points, there are slight rough edges which hamper the iPhone app. Could I suggest a 100 paper cuts type feedback from customers to improve it?

  • Andy Madge says:

    I love Lastpass but the iPhone app is awful. It was bad before this update and seems to be even worse now. It seems the developers have willfully ignored the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

    The keyboard almost always overlaps the button or bit of the screen you need to see e.g the Login button or the Toggle button for viewing passwords.

    Also, if you’re viewing a password and lock the phone, when you unlock it, the password is still visible – and that’s with PIN protection enabled!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried the iPad app today, was not impressed, very very very very very laggy, unusable, don’t bother.

  • drudwy says:

    Well since being asked (yet again) to confirm that my superstrong password is really mine / strong enough, neither LP mobile (iPhone) nor website in Safari o’r Chrome allows me to login; despite numerous attempts no email has been received in main or alternative email inboxes, nor in the associated Spam/Junk folders. So I’m locked out of a good many of my most used accounts because of Last Pass.

  • Anonymous says:

    All online password managers, including Roboform Everywhere and LastPass uses SSL as the way to connect to their servers to login and sync, but SSL is Not as secure as many people may think. SSL has its flaws and can be compromised by “Man in the Middle Attacks” (MITM Attacks) and by Brute-force attack on the session key, as well as by other forms of attacks such as algorithm rollback attacks, timing attacks, traffic analysis, Bleinchenbacher’s attacks – Not to mention there is also a few tools such as FireSheep and WireShark which can compromise a SSL connection. Online Password Manager Shall provide SSH (Secure Shell Access) as a secure way to login and sync to and from their servers. SSH is Rock Solid, it is based on a Public/Private exchange of keys model, and it is even possible to tunnel a SSL connection through SSH to Maximize Security. In addition, all online password mangers Shall provide Two Factor Authentication while login in to their servers – Similar to Gmail’s Two Step Verification – which can send you an SMS with a One Time Password (OTP) or Call your Phone to provide your OTP audibly, or generate the OTP tokens locally on your iPhone or Android phone through their Google Authenticator App. I just can’t picture an Online Password Manager Not providing Two Factor Authentication and SSH. LastPass Servers were recently attacked by Hackers and their customers data was compromised, and that would not happen if they would incorporate Two Factor Authentication + SSH. Period.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love lastpass. The design of their app is terrible though. That half obscured login button is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Also…why can’t we use the iPhone app for 2 factor authentication? Check out the Google Authenticator App for an example of a great implementation of this.

  • Serj says:

    Do you planning release LastPass for iPad? Becaus iphone app looks not wery well at 2x :)

    I believe that you release iPad app)

  • Anonymous says:

    +1 with the button move!

  • Anonymous says:

    How ’bout moving the email, password, and login button up a bit on the login screen so that the button is not half obscured by the keyboard, and therefore would not have to aim for half a button in order to login.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this update.
    I really appreciate your multiplatform efforts. Keep the updates rolling :D

    A happy Lastpass Permium + YubiKey User.

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