New Release for LastPass Tabbed Browser for iPad

By June 22, 2010 Mobile 6 Comments

Version 1.68.6 of our tabbed browser for Apple’s iPad was released to the iTunes Store yesterday!

New features include:

  • Better progress notifications — now has a bar indicating approximate page loading state
  • Autologout of LastPass on close
  • Prevent caching
  • User Agent override support — you can get the desktop or the mobile version of sites.
  • Optional Image Blocking for faster loading
  • [Toggle] showing/hiding passwords when editing from vault to make it easier to copy

Resolved issues include:

  • Fixed potential crash in Save All
  • Potential multiple tabs opening for a single link
  • Performance improvements
Thank you for all of the feedback, we continue to make improvements and add features that will increase functionality.
We know many of you would love to use Safari – we would if we could, but it’s still not possible right now. We do provide Bookmarklets for Safari which is the maximum functionality currently possible in the native browser. Thanks for your support in working around these limitations!


  • Anonymous says:

    Share favorites

  • Anonymous says:

    Howcome the ‘notes’ feature is still broken?

  • Anonymous says:

    I would be so happy if this tabbed browser version would be added to the iPhone Lastpass app too

  • Anonymous says:

    Just wish it could import safari favorites! Otherwise this is great!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for creating this! I had been using the bookmarklets, but they were a pain. This should solve my desire for LastPass on my iPad. However, I must be blind, where is the progress bar? Where can I turn on the ad blocker? Where can I set the user agent? I’m running 1.68.6.

  • D says:

    This is great as a web browser in its own right, but the LP integration makes this amazing