Native Extension for Safari 5 Released

Some early coverage already leaked to Lifehacker and Download Squad, but now we can officially announce it – we’ve added a native extension for Safari 5 on Windows and Mac!

Once installed, LastPass appears as a small, grayed-out icon in your toolbar:

Clicking on the icon allows you to login as normal, and from there you can access all regular features of the plugin. Any time you need to access a LastPass feature, simply click on the icon and navigate through the dropdown toolbar:

In order to install LastPass for Safari 5 on Mac or Windows you’ll have to enable extensions. If you haven’t done so already, follow these steps:
From the Gear Icon on your Safari menu bar, select Preferences:
Click the Advanced tab and check ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’:

Close Preferences. Now that the Develop menu is shown in your menu bar, click on it and select ‘Enable Extensions’:

If you re-open Preferences, the Extension tab is now visible, and you can now manage your Safari extensions!


  • Amber says:

    @FrodoPrime – you can use our direct download link: or you can find the Safari for Windows download at under the “Windows” tab.


  • FrodoPrime says:

    how do you install last pass on safari on windows machine?

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks – this has been done.
    Please note that until the Safari 5 API framework provides more hooks for us to integrate with, for the time being, we still recommend using the previous version.


  • Anonymous says:

    A link to download this extension should also be in the “Mac” tab for downloads in the site, instead of just “Windows”. I was looking for the link since yesterday ;)

  • If you are already using the previous version of the LastPass Safari plugin on Mac OS, we recommend you continue to use that.

    The new extension is unable to do several things the old plugin can (like basic auth sites) because of the limitations imposed by the extension framework.

  • Tim says:

    If we already had the previous version installed, how do we upgrade to the new one?