Native Extension for Safari 5 Released

Some early coverage already leaked to Lifehacker and Download Squad, but now we can officially announce it – we’ve added a native extension for Safari 5 on Windows and Mac!

Once installed, LastPass appears as a small, grayed-out icon in your toolbar:

Clicking on the icon allows you to login as normal, and from there you can access all regular features of the plugin. Any time you need to access a LastPass feature, simply click on the icon and navigate through the dropdown toolbar:

In order to install LastPass for Safari 5 on Mac or Windows you’ll have to enable extensions. If you haven’t done so already, follow these steps:
From the Gear Icon on your Safari menu bar, select Preferences:
Click the Advanced tab and check ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’:

Close Preferences. Now that the Develop menu is shown in your menu bar, click on it and select ‘Enable Extensions’:

If you re-open Preferences, the Extension tab is now visible, and you can now manage your Safari extensions!