LastPass IE Anywhere Is Here!


We’ve just released our latest LastPass Premium offering: IE Anywhere!

The IE Anywhere application lets you automatically login to saved sites and fill forms anywhere, at anytime, without having to install a browser plugin. It’s free for all LastPass Premium users and is available for immediate download from the LastPass website!
Once copied to a USB drive, IE Anywhere allows you to use LastPass on the go or with your favorite Internet Explorer-based browser. It provides all of the dependable features of LastPass you rely on but without requiring that you install any software onto your computer.

After downloading IE Anywhere to a USB drive, you’ll be able to:

Use LastPass with Internet Explorer on any computer without installing any software whatsoever.
Access your LastPass account even on computers you are not allowed to install sofware on (e.g. while at work or at Internet cafes).
Use LastPass with IE Tab in Firefox, Sleipnir, Maxthon, and other browsers based on IE.
Access and manage your sensitive LastPass account data without leaving a trail behind – no files are created and nothing is stored in the Windows registry.

More information about LastPass IE Anywhere is available at the LastPass IE Anywhere Manual.

If you’re already a Premium user, you can download the app directly from the LastPass IE Anywhere Download


  • Instead of installing it on a USB drive, I loaded it onto my smartphone, which acts like a USB. Now I have Lastpass with me all the time, just need a cable to plug it in. Needed it to use with IE8 at work since the IT department won’t allow us to install Lastpass. Good work around.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cam you please invent a Last Pass for Maxthon Browser. Thank You

  • I’ll use it with chrome and works great. With IE never used, I’ll try it. Tks

  • Joe Siegrist says:

    We support Firefox portable and Chrome portable. IE is a special beast because it’s installed by default on every windows computer which is why everyone (even you mac users) might want to have a copy. You never know when you might get stuck in front of a default windows machine.

  • Samon says:

    Will there be an Chrome and Firefox Version soon?

  • This new tool is fantastic. It is a breeze to install and operate. It integrates automagically with Internet Explorer. This was the last piece missing for me.

  • Mike B says:

    I like the sound of this, I’ll have to give it a test at some point.