You Asked For It: iPad Sneak Peeks!

By May 12, 2010 Mobile 18 Comments

Here’s a few screenshots from our upcoming iPad application:

You’ll notice at first glance that it looks like a browser – and that’s because it is! LastPass for iPad is a fully featured, tabbed browser supporting all the rendering modes and plugins that mobile Safari does, with the addition of full LastPass integration. Accessing your secure notes, automatically filling forms, adding new sites, and most major features of the desktop version are supported, with more features on the way after our first release. We’ve also listened to your concerns and revamped the UI for this version. LastPass iPad will hopefully be submitted and approved for the App store in the next couple weeks.


  • Anonymous says:

    Great news. I’ve often been using my iPad at Starbucks and couldn’t access sites because I was unable to remember the password. The LastPass app will improve the usefulness of my iPad.

  • Joe Siegrist says:

    Apple wants all browsers classified that way as I suppose they feel the browser could be used to access adult web sites. How Safari isn’t in the same boat I don’t know but it is what it is…

  • solana says:

    Why is Lastpass Tab Brower for iPad classified as 17+ years in the Apple Store?

  • Anonymous says:

    Anonymous: That takes you to the (iPhone) Lastpass app on the iPad.. It won’t fill in unless you use the Lastpass Browser in the iPhone app.. On the ipad the fonts are out of focus until you expand the page. And all that’s lots of clicks.

    If you try the Lastpass fill in command in the above instead of using the Lastpass iPhone app’s browser on the iPad (not the Lastpass iPad browser) it takes you back to Safari with a “page not found” error.

  • jordantbro says:

    A great first release. The layout/ui could use some cleanup. Spacing between buttons and elements, the proportion of the search vs. URI field in landscape mode. Also, please add the notion of a home/start page for new tab creation. A Home button wouldn’t hurt either. Missing a loading indicator.

    The settings button seems to vanish in landscape mode. Let me know if you need a beta tester for future releases.

  • Janssen says:

    As others have stated, please just port the iPhone app over in full screen. This browser, though good in theory, doesn’t work well at all in practice.