New Release Available!

Earlier this week, the LastPass team released version 1.68.0 that introduced a number of new features, performance improvements, and numerous bug fixes. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • A local vault page for Chrome/Safari. This provides much faster access than the online vault since your data is already local and decrypted. This can be accessed by using the ‘My LastPass Vault’ menu item.
  • URL Rules for limiting logins to specific subdomains, paths. This has been requested by many people, and we listened. Your rules can be configured here.
  • In addition to the local vault, Chrome and Safari received many features that brings their functionality more closely inline with Firefox and IE (such as notification bars for form fill/generate password, replace site functionality, etc).
  • We also tried to make it easier for our volunteer translators to access the tool and begin to help. As we said many times, we greatly appreciate their help.

A complete list of new features can be found here.


  • We did identify one bug after releasing and have since released a new version for firefox (1.68.2). If not prompted to upgrade, you can manually upgrade by going to:

  • Anonymous says:

    Be carefull, I updated to version 1.68.0 and now Firefox (ver. 3.6.3) doesn’t work, all other addons works well. Now I had to uninstall Laspass until there is a new version.

    I googled looking for information and I fpund I’m not the onlye one woth thos problem. I wrote to Lastpasss support but there is no answer.