New LastPass website and LastPass version 1.62.0 released

As you’ve hopefully noticed,¬†LastPass has revamped its website, but this wasn’t just a cosmetic improvement. We’ve revamped our help section, our FAQs, and downloads page to make them more intuitive and easier to find information. It also gives us a chance to feature the awards and great comments we keep receiving.

LastPass version 1.62.0 has also been released. We’ve focused on improving Chrome and Safari support mostly, and making using a multi-factor device easier by allowing you to remember the computer you’re on to avoid being prompted for it going forward. This makes it easier to do things like require multi-factor on your laptop, but make things quicker and easier on your desktop. Remember, computer support works with LastPass Sesame, YubiKey and our newest feature: LastPass Grid.

LastPass Grid is a free multi-factor authentication solution available to any user — no hardware required, no premium LastPass membership required. LastPass Grid video

Using LastPass Grid is easy, print it off, fold it in half and put it in your wallet. Used with the “remember this computer feature”, you might only need to enter Grid coordinates a few times, but you can rest easy knowing that even if someone determined your LastPass master password, they’d still also need to have your Grid to get in. This is a big road block for anyone attempting to access your account, and really enhances the security of LastPass.

You may want to login to your mobile devices before enabling Grid (or any multi-factor) so you can take advantage of restricting mobile access too.

LastPass encourages everyone to take advantage of multi-factor authentication. With our new “remembered computer” support and now with LastPass Grid, we’re removing a lot of hassles out of using multi-factor.