LastPass for iPhone 1.60 on the app store

LastPass 1.60 is on the iPhone app store now. It is for Premium LastPass customers only.

It’s much better looking now if we do say so ourselves including FavIcons for all your sites.

It makes it easier to copy & paste data out of form fill profiles and provides options such as the much asked for capability to disable the app icon badge which indicates you’re logged in. There’s a number of stability fixes, too.

We’re still looking to expand its capability and have a few new features in the works (easier transitioning from iPhone Safari to LastPass, and some additional security options). We’re looking at bookmarks, but if there’s other features you’re interested in, please let us know!


  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a premium user and I use sesame. I have set option not to allow off-line use and I thought that it applies to mobile access too. Unfortunately I saw that I can login to lastpass vault using mobile when both on-line and off-line. There is no way to disable it while you lost your phone.
    There is no way on the phone to wipe date out.
    It would be great if every time I fill in the pass code or password, mobile lastpass would check if it has permission.