LastPass for Google Chrome Alpha

LastPass for Google Chrome Alpha has begun, we’ve had a good review despite it’s very early status:

3 steps to install:

    1. Chrome’s extension support is only available in their dev builds, so you must first install the dev channel of Chrome.
    2. Then, to install LastPass, point Chrome to:
    3. Finally, it is recommended that you disable the built-in password manager by clicking on the Options (under the customize and control ‘wrench’ button). Then choose the ‘Personal Stuff’ tab and select ‘Never save passwords’ and ‘Never save text from forms’.

Chrome’s extension support is progressing at varying speeds for different platforms, so it is possible that Mac and Linux users might have reduced functionality compared with Windows users.

We’ve also added support to our Windows installer to import your Google Chrome passwords into LastPass, if you have passwords stored there you’ll want to use it to get them imported: (import only, you must install with the instructions above).

If you have problems installing, ensure your Chrome version is greater than or equal to