LastPass 1.60.0 released, x64 for IE

This is the first build that includes support for the x64 version of Internet Explorer. If you’re using a 64-bit Windows, the LastPass update is available on and will allow both the 32 bit (default IE) and 64-bit IE to work.

We’ve started work on Fennec, Mozilla’s new mobile browser, too. Looks like it could become a powerful addon since it has full support for addons built-in.

The Google Chrome addon is improving and is now up near the URL bar at the top right in a style that’s closer to the default compact toolbar on Firefox. We’re testing some new UI concepts here like displaying a colored icon that spins to indicate a possible action – we’d like to hear if you like it better (or not). The extension bar is disappearing from Chrome so it was a good time to try this. Also it looks like Linux Chrome is being worked on, so hopefully OS X chrome won’t be too far behind.

Safari and Chrome support for Sesame and Yubikey have been added. We’re also planning a free multi-factor solution (paper based) as we want everyone to be able to use multi-factor authentication even if you can’t spare $1/month for LastPass Premium.

We’ve added a number of new password managers that LastPass can import from, including Clipperz, PINs and SplashID (on top of the dozen we already support, including Google Chrome import from the installer was just added). As always, if you can get a non-binary export for your legacy password manager, send us the format and we’ll build an importer.

Release notes:


  • Ujj says:

    Im on Chrome unknown (42199) and my lastpass addon on Chrome crashes. I am running a Windows 7 – 64 bit installation.

  • Romeo says:

    You guys are great and your software is incredible. I just can’t believe such a great sofwate is free for all to use, I love you guys for having a big heart. I am logged into my lastpass Vault and using it from a web page and access so many sites that i wouldn’t normally remember their names. And I would like to tell you that I will support you guys and pay because I know you guys need support to carry on the great work and i would incourage others who can pay to do the same.

  • Thanks Joe. I thought it might be something like that, but I thought it was strange that Chrome recognized the download as a plugin and offered to install it. I wanted to check in with you before proceeding.

  • Joe Siegrist says:

    You’d be shocked at how many people have told us that our installer wasn’t working, and when we get to the bottom of it they were using 64-bit IE. I think people like running 64-bit software thinking it’ll somehow be faster. Adobe can’t hold out forever!

  • Ian says:

    You guys are FAST! I’m just wondering who’s going to use IE 64bit since there is still no 64bit version of the Flash Player availabe

  • Joe Siegrist says: is too old — make sure you use the dev channel of chrome to get the latest.