LastPass for Safari OS X 10.5+ beta released

LastPass for Safari is now available, it has the ability to import your saved passwords from Safari built in and importing 1Password entries is easy, too (LastPass Icon -> Tools -> Import). The combination of a compiled LastPass addon plus Safari’s speed means that Safari 4 + LastPass is also the fastest combination on OS X!

To get it simply fire up Safari and go to and hit ‘Get LastPass’; if you’re new to LastPass you’ll also need to create an account. You’ll then need to fully restart your browser (Safari Menu Item -> Quit).

We’ve worked hard to try to add all the features available on our other platforms, and we’re largely there. There are also a few unique to LastPass Safari features like if you customize the toolbar you’ll see 2 other possible buttons: Fill and Submit and Form Fill for easier access to those capabilities. We still have a few notification preferences to add, and potentially a local vault and multi-factor authentication is currently disabled.

It does work with Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) but you must set Safari to run in 32 bit mode (Go to Finder -> Applications -> Right click on Safari and hit ‘Get More Info’ then set 32 bit).

LastPass for iPhone has benefited from this effort, and we’re sending a new build to Apple’s App Store queue tonight which has added Form Fill, Identity support, Offline network retries, local file writing, a password generator and more. Our commitment to OS X will also have us syncing your Keychain data soon, too.

And before you ask, we’ve stared on Google Chrome and Palm Pre; they’re next on the docket and will be completed soon.


  • Rob Wexler says:

    I’m frustrated with LastPass, honestly. The multiple bars at the top of the Safari web pages asking me to Save Site, etc. Not one, but two! Then the annoying issue of being unable to click on a button such as “continue” or the like. The browser just doesn’t register. But without LastPass, no problem. I have no tolerance for add-ons the interfere with the way you work. Great to save passwords, but these other annoyances are too much to bear.