LastPass vs Roboform by the Associated Press

Peter Svensson, a Technology Writer for the the Associated Press, recently compared LastPass directly against RoboForm with ease of use being one of the most important considerations in his article: Review: LastPass and Roboform take password management to the next level with online storage

Peter wisely discusses why the way most people store passwords is extremely insecure and espouses the benefits of password management applications. He covers how the new breed of password management applications are storing passwords encrypted online to allow universal access to your data.

From the article:

The [RoboForm] system is still cumbersome […]

In providing an online storage option, Roboform is catching up to a new password management program, LastPass, that’s designed from the ground up to store passwords online. Trying that, I found it slightly easier to use — at least, it didn’t confront me with cryptic dialog boxes. It also has the virtue of being free, while Roboform costs $30. […]

Since LastPass is free and has the edge on browser and Mac compatibility, it should probably be your first pick.


  • Anonymous says:

    Really why would anybody in their right mind want to save passwords on the cloud or on someone else’s server you don’t think they will get hacked please I have a bridge to sell you Last Pass is for people to lazy or just don’t really care about their passwords.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been a struggling Roboform user for over 5 years. I say struggling since their support is really pretty bad. And their software is clunky and personally find it a pain to use.

    Like most people it’s tough and time consuming to switch and test out other services. UNTIL NOW! I’ll tell you what LastPass is intuitive, quick n easy to use and I’m still using the FREE version I don’t know how many passwords the free version takes or how it works on Iphone yet – that’s really why I stopped by this site from a search today.

    But, I’m sold – I’m a convert – Love the simplicity of LastPass and I’ll be 100% switching as soon as I transfer all the logins I really use over to LastPass.

    Here is my only suggestion for LastPass:
    When you click on the last pass Icon on the menu bar – then click on SITES – you need to scroll all the way to the bottom to manually Add a Site… I just wish this were at the Top of the list too.

    But, if you are using another Password program – I suggest giving this one a try – its really nice.