Easily login to your LastPass accounts from your iPhone? There’s an app for that.

By August 1, 2009 Mobile 6 Comments

LastPass for iPhone has made it to the App store bringing mobile password management to iPhones everywhere:¬†LastPass in the App Store. We’re very excited about this because we love using it, and find it incredibly convenient to have all your sites and secure notes available for easy access on your iPhone. The App allows you to edit and add sites and secure notes and launch sites in a built-in browser where LastPass fills in your data automatically. See our user manual article for more details and head to the App Store to download the app:

We’re going to continue adding functionality and improving usability so let us know what you think and how we can make it better.

Like our Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile applications, this application is a part of our LastPass Premium offering. You will be able to try LastPass for iPhone for free for 14 days, but you must become a LastPass Premium subscriber to continue using it after that.

We’re also very close to releasing our first alpha version of LastPass for Safari (OS X) so stay tuned.


  • Josh says:

    This is a great app but the built in browser does not allow for cookies and a lot of secure sites do not recognise this as a supported browser so it is unuseable for me. Please do a few things… allow for an upload of fav’s and then allow selecting the site to launch safari. Using the booklets is more usable for me now, this is just a nice vault to have so if I have to manually enter in a password, I can see them. It does not help me at all in my every day surfing on my iphone. To use this application, I have to open this application, copy the password, close the app, open safari, enter my user id then paste the copied password. Too much, the booklets are still the best bet for safari on the iphone. If you add these suggestions I guarantee you will have happier people and your premimum members will increase.

  • Finansvalp says:

    I hope you get the Safari plugin working soon, I just signed up for premium to support you but are using Safari 85% the time. So the plugin will be more than welcome!

    BTW, good app but is it possible to also show credit cards?

  • Joe Siegrist says:

    Chrome is stalled waiting on Google Chrome to support HTML 5 databases (though we have made a decent start on it). Safari we have a mostly working Alpha version which we could release to the brave and for Palm Pre we were accepted into the developer program and are looking at it, and I own a Palm Pre so I’m going to need it! So my hope is that we’ll have all 3 before the end of summer.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s great news about the iPhone app. But what have done for me lately? Chrome? Pre? Safari?

  • Anonymous says:

    How about the Palm Pre? :)

  • Ceazar77 says:

    That’s great news!!! How is the Chrome development going? :)