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By July 17, 2009 Mobile 32 Comments

We are pleased to announce the beta release of LastPass for Android! LastPass for Android is an application that allows you to access and edit your LastPass data from a Google Android smartphone. It also features a built-in browser that will automatically fill your login information for each of your saved LastPass sites.

To install, simply open Android Market on your phone, and search for LastPass. Or if you’re already browsing this on your phone, simply click here.

LastPass for Android is still in an early beta stage, and as such, we’d love to hear comments from our users on how we might be able to improve and extend it.

Like our BlackBerry and Windows Mobile applications, this application is a part of our LastPass Premium offering. You will be able to try LastPass for Android for free for 14 days, but you must become a LastPass Premium subscriber to continue using it after that.


  • VAGolfDad says:

    …I forgot, I am using it on Verizon Droid Incredible. No issues.

  • VAGolfDAD says:

    I just installed it, very easy to use. I would like it if you can set up a 4 digit pin so you can save your password but still have security on your phone. Similar to and Otherwise it works great. unfortunately I do not want to pay for premium membership so I guess I will be using it for 14 days.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wehre can I find the bookmarklets in clear type? Cause on ding it dose Not Work with the best Droid browser xScope

  • LastPass bookmarklets work with the native browser.

    They can most easily be installed via our app (Menu button=>More=>Install Bookmarklets).

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t know if you will allow this comment to remain, but I am looking into Password Managers for my droid. I am comparing several, and I note that Roboform released a free app compatible for logins using the native Android browser … though it is not yet capable of form population.

    Do you still assert that the native Android browser does not support this capability? I am asking this as a pre-sales question.

    Thanks for answering.

  • Thom says:

    Tried out the app. Useless unfortunately without support for the native android browser. I understand that the browser is to blame and all, but a buck a month is too steep for an app that doesn’t integrate. For a buck a year, I’d consider it, as a way to at least look up my passwords manually in a pinch, before manually entering them into the native browser.

    So bravo for offering an android app, and once it integrates well, I’ll definitely be a customer.

  • The Android browser doesn’t currently let you create bookmarks with URLs starting with javascript:, so bookmarklets aren’t currently viable.

  • Alex Reynish says:

    Is there anyway to use Last Pass with the default browser?

    Say using the bookmarklet? When I view my page and press the bookmarklets section I can’t click on the bookmarklet link to add it to my bookmarks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I got a strange situation. My firefox does log in to the vault, but during authentication, it flips me back to the login screen. I am clearly authenticated, as it can understand my username, but it doesn’t let me access the passwords. How come?
    I have normal privacy settings in Firefox. It’s version 3.5.6
    Please reply to my email at jukka.paulin in the Gmail domain (it is Thank you!

  • Wells says:

    LastPass has revolutionized the way I use the Internet in our consulting business. I had used other password managers, but LastPass makes me much more efficient. Now I can use many Web services as if they were desktop apps because I can access them immediately and securely from any computer anywhere (taking appropriate precautions at public computers).

    On my Droid, LastPass now automatically fill in logins and passwords when using the LastPass browser. I had no trouble logging in to edit my AJAX-based SquareSpace website. If it sounds as though I am hopelessly biased, it is because LastPass has made such a great difference in how I work, not because of any relationship to the company.

    The fact that some users are so upset about LastPass does not yet filling fields in other Android browsers – something currently impossible with in those browsers – reflects on the importance of a great password manager app like LastPass. We use it so much we want the impossible! The energy should be directed at the Android browser developers!

  • Lerman says:

    Do not blame LastPass, until the Android Browser has support for plug-ins, there isnt anything they can do. Take your complaining to Google and ask them to implement extensions!

    Great work so far guys, keep it up. Just be sure that once extensions are possible, you get it out quick to shut these guys up!

  • Dustin, if there was any possible way to integrate into the browser, we would. We acknowledge this is not ideal, but it is currently what is available.

  • Dustin says:

    I agree, I was going to pay for premium, but if i cant use it with at least the default browser, its not worth the money. You guys want money from folks I suggest you make your app easier to use.

  • Joe Siegrist says:

    Ken, if it was possible we’d be doing it. When it becomes possible we will do it. The driod is more open than the iPhone but that doesn’t mean the flood gates are open just because you heard a commerical about the developement processing being eaiser.

  • Ken says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how badly implemented this is for the Doid. You must use the embedded browser in the LastPass app for it to work? Really? Really? You’d think a password manager for a phone would, you know, manage passwords, on the phone. Do you guys even have a Droid?

    On a device that’s all about integration, LastPass, an app that’s supposed to be all about integration and ease of use (anytime, anywhere, on any computer) manages to thumb its nose at ease of use and integration. Yeah, Bookmarks are really easy to get to with the LastPass Browser

    At the very least this should directly support the Droid’s native browser, but it should also support Dolphin, as well. Whenever a form field pops up on the Droid, LastPass should be there, ready and waiting, to fill it in. Newp.

    Also, in a world of 99 cents apps, a buck a month isn’t gonna fly unless it’s a service that fills in all form fields on all browser apps, and does it seamlessly.

    I am such a fan of this piece of software, at least the one on the PC. Seldom have I been able to witness first hand the DE-evolution of software like this. This is astoundingly disappointing.

  • Anonymous says:

    How many password you can have if you download it for free on a pc?

  • rightscale says:

    The embedded browser is a joke on the droid. If I can’t use the built-in browser it’s not usable. I upgraded to premium and the switching apps, copying and pasting I have to do isn’t what I bargained for :-(.

  • MikeFrizzi says:

    I am such a fan of this piece of software. Seldom have I been able to witness first hand the evolution of software like this. They have really done a great job with this. This, coupled with some decent encryption software, will be the first two apps I get for my Android.

  • No, you must currently use the embedded browser built into LastPass for form filling to work.

  • Brandon says:

    Is there a way to make lastpass run as a service on the Droid? This way when I browse the web and come across a site that I have a password for, it will offer to fill it in (like it does on my PC). Currenly I have to run the lastpass application on my phone to select a specific website to launch.

  • skaterx2 says:

    I have been a lastpass user and fan almost as long as you released the first product. I have tried to use it on my G1 but the app force closes when retrieving sites. I have over 400 sites in my lastpass account. What is the upper limit the app has been tested with?

  • Anand Saxena says:

    The current Beta is definitely much more usable. Looking forward to the iphone app.

  • Manasi says:

    I have to say kudos to lastpass. I ahve a yubikey and that + lastpass I think is a hell of a good combination. Token generator + encryption + password manager = one kick butt MUST have piece of software. Works very well with just about any OS/browser combination. Well done guys.

  • Anarckia says:

    I hope it will be good for iPhone.

  • David says:

    New beta is a great improvement, thanks. I took up a lastpass subscription for your android support, so thank you and I look forward to watching development continue.

  • FYI, we’ve released a new version with an updated UI. Give it a try!

  • Apple required us to be approved by the US government (because we are doing encryption), which we just completed.

    Our hope is that Apple will now approve us in the next few weeks.

  • Anonymous says:

    When will there be a working version for the iphone
    as the booklet route is a pain?

  • joffa says:

    I’ve just installed it but I took ages & lots of pressing everything I could think of to get an on screen keyboard working – it was if the words weren’t aligned correctly to where I had to touch. Then finally I worked out that I could only get it to work by using the menu button & selecting it that way.
    Now that I’m in, it’s slow to respond and you have to slow down to let it catch up & I’m having trouble with getting the screen to respond to any touch – again have to use menu button and select that way.
    Then when I launched a site, it did my passwords etc fine, but I then lost the option in the browser menu to change windows – stuck with the one I went in using lastpass and going back was problematic as it wanted to re log me in etc to the site I wanted out off.
    So initial view is that it’s disappointing, but at least it’s now available; how long to a pocket version for android I wonder.

  • Anonymous says:

    maybe I would become a premium member if I could try this out, but who wants to waste the limited 2 weeks trial on an early beta version? I’ll wait until it is more tested before I use up my free trial (or, maybe u can make it free until the app is more developed?),
    thanks for making an android app, tho,

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