Some highlights of LastPass version 1.51.2:

-A new product called Sesame for our Premium members that allows for multifactor authentication with your existing portable USB device
-Windows Mobile application now generally available as a trial for non-Premium users
-Many general improvements to our core engine: improved autologin support, non-compact search shows drop down menu of sites, reduced the frequency the notification bar is shown for sites that have login forms on every page, more translations, etc.
-Support an optional way to store a disabled one-time-password on your PC in case your forget your password: this allows password recovery for those who want it without revealing your password to LastPass.

As always, a more complete list of the changes can be found here.


  • Joe Siegrist says:

    Actually we’re nearly out of AdHoc spots with Apple so better act fast…

  • Hi Tao,

    Send an email to support @ and we will get you setup.


  • Tao says:

    I am a Lastpass Premium user. Since it is taking forever for Apple to approve the Lastpass iPhone app, is there a way that I can start using it “manually”, as mentioned by Bob?

    Appreciate your help!


  • Joe Siegrist says:

    Firefox 3.5 has worked since it was called 3.1pre, we’re pretty disappointed that Firefox disables our plugin on the upgrade. You can however simply reinstall by going here: and it’ll start working

  • Bob says:

    Will there be an update for Firefox 3.5 forthcoming soon?

  • Since we are using encryption, Apple won’t even look at us until we are approved by the US government.

    It is definitely taking *much* longer than we hoped and is frustrating for us too.

    We are still giving our premium users a sneak peek (it is a manual process) and we are hoping to get through the govt bureaucracy in a few weeks time.

    Thanks for the interest!

  • Anonymous says:

    What is the hold up on the iPhone app? I have read it has been ready for a couple of months and users are dying to get their hands on it. It is the only solution out there for iPhone / Windows users who wish to have such an elegant method of AutoLogin, Sync and at the same time have all their Passwords and important information in thier iPhone Offline. Fingers Crossed and Wishing you all the best.

  • It is definitely on our roadmap and high on our list, but we do not have a timeline yet. If our iPhone app takes off, it will likely be pushed to the top of the list.

  • Anonymous says:

    Any news regarding the Mac Safari client?

  • minktoast says:

    Great to see continued updates and improvements. I’m so delighted to be using LastPass on multiple computers – the days of my restrictive Roboform license are long gone!

    Thanks for a great product.

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