LastPass for BlackBerry BETA, and LastPass Premium


We are pleased to announce the beta release of LastPass for BlackBerry! LastPass for BlackBerry is an application that allows you to access and edit your LastPass data from a BlackBerry smartphone. It can also cache your data in an encrypted file that gets stored on your BlackBerry, so it’s available when you have no network coverage as well.

To install, simply point your BlackBerry browser to and then select the large green “Get LastPass” icon. You can also browse directly to

LastPass for BlackBerry is still in an early beta stage, and as such, we’d love to hear comments from our users on how we might be able to improve and extend it.

This application is the first in a new line of features we’re calling LastPass Premium. You will be able to try LastPass for BlackBerry for free for 14 days, but you must become a LastPass Premium subscriber to continue using it after that.

Along with LastPass for BlackBerry, LastPass Premium also gives you an ad-free experience and priority phone and email support. It’s available for only $1 per month! You can read more and subscribe to LastPass Premium at

We plan on augmenting our LastPass Premium feature set even more in the near future, with features including YubiKey support, an iPhone application, and Windows Application support. Stay tuned for further details on these features.


  • iphone says:

    . I don’t have enough information yet on my LastPass account because I have not figured out what are my most important files from my PC, which I will need access to throughout the day.

  • John Doe says:

    there ever going to be a “lite” version & not just trial?

  • Anonymous says:

    Works on my daughter’s Curve 8520. Unfortunately, as it’s premium, it’ll be for test purposes only.

  • As the proud owner of a BlackBerry, I am excited to use this application. I don’t have enough information yet on my LastPass account because I have not figured out what are my most important files from my PC, which I will need access to throughout the day. I am glad that BlackBerry is coming up with new features to stay competitive with Apple. Blackberry could use some more apps and connections to other cloud computing sites as well.

  • Can you elaborate on what you mean by “not once during my trial period did it ever do anything”? I’m guessing you’re asking for BlackBerry browser integration, which as has been stated in previous comments is impossible in current versions of BlackBerry OS. We have high hopes of being able to support this in BlackBerry OS 5.0, though.

  • pastol says:

    I have used Lastpass on my desktop for a long time and love it. Loaded on to my BB, no problem logging in, but not once during my trial period did it ever do anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    The lastpass app loaded fine on my Pearl. I can see my lastpass account fine. Though the usernames and passwords don’t auto load at this point. Once they do auto load, I’m assuming integration issues with the blackberry browser, then I will gladly pay for the premium service.

  • qskaye says:

    ah so I found the checkbox to fix the bb issue…now what about the desktop issue..

  • qskaye says:

    Since I activated my Yubikey I don’t think this will work. But surprisingly I can still log on from the browser task bar icon and pop up without the Yubikey on my desktop. Only when I use the main page sign in does the yubikey popup work

  • Anonymous says:

    I just loaded it on my Curve 8330 and so far I think its working pretty well as expected. I can see all of my passwords from my LastPass vault, including toggling the password to view it. i also chose to “goto URL” and it seems to go there fine and fill in the info. I’ll keep poking around with it but so far, I’m impressed! Thanks!

  • Unfortunately, the current state of the BlackBerry Browser makes developing extensions with such functionality very difficult, if not impossible.

    Opera Mini, on the other hand, does at least support our bookmarklets. So, that’s one option on the BlackBerry.

  • Anonymous says:

    It would be great to have an app for the BB that remembered passwords for web sites and logged you in, much like LastPass does on the Windows PC>

  • Anonymous says:

    An iphone app would be much appreciated. That will certainly seperate me from my $12.

  • e.semog says:

    Installed the app on BB Storm. Install was fine, but completely unable to login. The buttons do not work on the login dialog. I was able to enter my account id and password, but unable to confirm and login. The dialog navigation did not work. Also, larger dialog controls would be better.

    Went to Preferences, and the scrolling direction for dragging on screen seemed to be reversed from normal Storm drag direction. (i.e., dragging finger from top to bottom of screen should actually scrolls upwards. The metaphor is such that you are dragging the document and not moving a tracking thumb on a scrollbar. Dragging a tracking thumb will scroll in standard Windows-style direction.)

  • Anonymous says:

    Good stuff. Looking forward to the iPhone version.

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