New LastPass Features

New features are typically listed on our Upgrade Page when we release, but I want to highlight a few recent additions in case you missed them:

1) Identites: Allows you to create different views into your LastPass account. This is most commonly used to hide some of your sites when you log into LastPass from a particular location. A common example might be that you create a ‘home’ and a ‘work’ Identity.

2) New Language Support: Thanks to our many volunteer translators, LastPass has been translated into French, Swedish, Hebrew, German, and Dutch. Many more languages will be available soon.

3) LastPass Home: We created a super fast page that allows you to see all of your sites, organized as you like them, immediately. It allows for quick searching, editing and autologin.

4) Better support for iPhone: iPhone users can now launch site logins from our mobile site,

5) Form Fill Improvements: We continue to improve our algorithms and feel we have one of the most accurate form fill products available.

Keep an eye on our Upgrade page for new features. We have come a long way these past few months and plan on continuing that trend moving forward.