LastPass Saved Me While Traveling Abroad – No Stress Bill Pay From a CyberCafe

Victory was mine this morning, Visa won’t being getting a late fee from me! Even though I was traveling abroad – on the road – without a secure Internet access point this morning in Berlin, LastPass’s virtual keyboard and universal access saved the day.

About six million north americans live abroad with 20 million more working or traveling outside the country every year. As a member of this traveling horde, I sometimes find myself stuck in a foreign country, without secure Internet access needing to pay an online bill or transfer funds between bank accounts. In the past, I had to choose between logging on from a public PC and hoping for the best – vis-a-vis keystroke loggers and other bad online things – or paying late fees or overdraft penalties.

Not today. I was able to log-on to my credit card account using the LastPass virtual keyboard (feature in the upper right on the log-in page) and pay a credit card bill. I know the guys behind LastPass from our days at eStara so I’m not terribly surprised they’ve made LastPass easy to use, portable and secure, but I am pleased that they did. Thanks guys!