Jun 3, 2014

LastPass for Android Gets In-App Payments

Our highly-rated LastPass Android app just got better. A new update hits the app store today, with two exciting new features:

In-App Purchasing

You can now upgrade and renew your Premium via the LastPass app itself, charged to your Google Play account:


Getting Started Wizard

New users of the Premium app will have more step-by-step help in learning how to use the app's features:

Note that with the in-app purchasing of Premium, autorenewal is not available, only a 1-year payment option at this time. We do plan to offer the ability to purchase subscriptions in a later update.

These usability improvements follow several other major additions to our Android app in the last few months alone, including the addition of biometric support for Samsung Galaxy S5 and automated app filling to streamline logging in to other apps on your Android device. We continue to work to improve the mobile experience, with the latest technology available.

The LastPass Android app is part of our Premium service for $12 per year, and the latest update is already available on the Google Play app store.


  1. _You can now upgrade and renew your Premium _
    I'm a bit confused by that statement. If Android app is available only to Premium subscribers, what is there to _"upgrade"_? I can understand renew Premium plan..but upgrade?

    1. First-time users of the app will start the free 14-day trial, and then will be prompted to upgrade to Premium and can do so via the app when ready. Hope that clarifies, happy to be of further help.

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  3. i have almost 15 months left in my premium subscription and when i go to Preferences>my account and click on my user name, it says "store not available"..i'm trying to purchase more premium months from my android last pass app

  4. Since the BlackBerry 10 version is basically the Android app, will this new version be updated in the BlackBerry 10 app store as well?

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