Aug 19, 2013

LastPass Updated for All Browsers, Featuring Immediate Sync

An update to the LastPass addon for all browsers is now available on our download page! The update will happen automatically behind the scenes the next time you relaunch your browser, or you can manually download from The new release comes with several new features and performance improvements. Of note in the latest version are:

Immediate Sync

We are gradually rolling out automatic, immediate sync in all browsers for all users. Previously, updates were polled every 15 minutes, but now changes and updates will go through instantly! This is enabled by default, but if you uncheck the automatic polling option in the “Advanced” section of the Preferences menu, the immediate sync connection is also disabled. A portion of the userbase will see this to start with, and we’ll be ramping up as we roll out to all users and to mobile.

Secure Note History

Expanding on our “History” feature, which allows you to review password and username changes within a site entry in your vault, we’ve now added “secure note history”, so you can review activity specifically with secure notes. Currently, this feature can be accessed via the online vault at, once you login you can “edit” a secure note and choose the “history” option to review a record of edits to the note.

Weak and Duplicate Password Notifications in IE

After rolling out weak and duplicate password notifications in Chrome and Firefox, these alerts are now available in all browsers. As you login to your sites, LastPass will let you know if you’re using a weak password, or if you logged in with a password that you’re also using for another account stored in your vault. This will help you be proactive about generating strong passwords, and eliminating password re-use. Even better, you’re notified when you’re already on the site, so a new password is just a few clicks away.

Support for IE11

The latest update will support Microsoft’s upcoming release of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1. Our addon will be fully compatible with Enhanced Protected Mode in IE, and will fully support the new browser.

The updated build also contains a fix for an issue in the LastPass addon in IE, whereby if you were logged into the LastPass IE extension version 2.0.20 site passwords were potentially accessible in a memory dump. The above issue only affected the IE addon, and as soon as the browser session ended, the data would have been cleared from memory. The scope of the issue is minimal, but privacy and security of our users’ data is paramount. Malware is essentially the only way this could be exploited and we continue to encourage you to utilize anti-malware to protect your data.

Other notable additions include:

  • New Secure Note templates for Health Insurance and SSH Keys
  • Manage Your Email subscription preferences on the account page

This release also includes updates for LastPass Enterprise, including:

  • Secure note logging for better tracking of team changes to secure notes
  • Security score history so you can track your team’s progress in improving their passwords over time
  • Notification Dashboard so you can automatically alert employees who need to take steps to comply with company password policies
  • Linking of your personal account to your Enterprise account in both the local and online vaults
We recommend that all users update to our latest version available on or utilize our direct download link for the full Windows installer:

More exciting updates are in the works, so stay tuned!

The LastPass Team.

Update July 7, 2014: As an addendum to the above, LastPass is unfortunately no longer compatible with Internet Explorer's Enhanced Protected Mode and we are not continuing with development at this time. We will keep our community posted if this changes.


  1. Great improvements to an already excellent secure personal data manager. Thanks!

  2. Thank you lastpass,you simply are the best.

  3. Does Automatic signoff and all feature work w/ Safari on Mac now? Thanks, great product.

    1. Yes, they should if you've installed with the full Mac installer from - if you see any issues, please report them to the team:

  4. Excellent software conceptually, but extremely poorly executed.

    Way too many bugs remain and this version adds more. Some of the most jarring bugs:
    - Universal LastPass Installer deletes LastPass for Applications.
    - IE plugin installer duplicates the contents of %ProgramFiles%\LastPass in %ProgramFiles%
    - Chrome binary plugin always auto-updates to non-binary version.
    - Impossible to update Chrome non-binary to binary plugin directly because of the version conflicts.
    - Poor WBF support, i.e. fingerprints always need to be re-registered on new computers and after plugin re-install.
    - Poor trusted device management (impossible to distinguish stale records)
    - Terrible Chrome Omnibox integration - does not work with capital letters and does not prioritize search results.

    Some key features are still missing:
    - Preferences sync. This could be easily done among same browsers on different computers (and to large a large degree between different browsers).
    - Sites cannot be linked to applications. For example, I need to duplicate my records for Skype Windows application and
    - No support for labels or tags instead of groups. Groups require one record to be in a single group.

    These are all just a small subset (less than 10%) of issues and suggestions, which were all reported to LastPass for my Enterprise account. Some bugs were reported over 2 years ago without any resolution.

    As I said, the product idea is life-saving, but think twice if you want to bet your business security on this company.

    1. Thanks Leon, some valid points here and we'll continue to prioritize simplifying the user experience overall. More feedback always welcome.

    2. Cannot receive email for password hint or account reset.

  5. The updates are great, but you guys need to hire a new UI/UX designer STAT!

    The Chrome extension is just hideous, and the Android app is the worst looking app I have on my devices.

    Functionally, it works. But I audibly sigh everytime I have to use your app, and I've been a Premium user for several years now.

    Don't take this harsh criticism personally, I'd just love for this to be paid attention to as much, if not more than everything else you're working on.

    1. Thanks Ivan, it's a priority of ours moving forward - we hope you stick around!

    2. Yes as android user I feel really like I'm paying for a really poor service, like said before it is a shame to sell such an ugly UI, even baby dev would make a better job in only few days. The keyboard is the worst I've ever seen, an application that is specialized on loggin can't offert a keyboard where you have to switch ten times to enter an email adress and a psw (I don't register sensitive datas like paypal, bank, etc), how is it possible to not have arobase, numbers and letters as well as ponctuation on the same layout just like other keyboard!

  6. +1 for a major update of the UI design. A good service like Lastpass deserves an adequate design.

  7. Joining the crowd - I'm looking at alternatives to lastpass, just because the UX is pretty horrible. Especially the android app and the horrific bar which pops down on chrome and moves the site down, when it wants you to do something. Please fix it!

    1. Thanks Jordan, we do have updates in the works so hope you stick around!

    2. Yes, I also hate the UX.... I am Lastpass Premium so I am not leaving, just really hate it, I could go into detail but I have tried using the forums, no one is really listening.

    3. True, lots of unanswered topic in the forum...

  8. I wish LastPass updates itself like all my extesions from Firefox.

    Or show there is an update in the toolbar icon (today it is hidden under tools > check for updates.

    Please complaining about LP being ugly on Chrome: change to Firefox. I don't know why, but the interface at Firefox is a lot better!

    1. Please = people

      Sorry about that.

  9. It keeps getting better.

  10. I think the note history is an important improvement. Also i can see that the vault design is improved. The new "show password eye" is a bit creepy i think. Btw would you consider adding a template for handling private encryption keys, eg for TrueCrypt containers?

  11. Whilst I can understand the need to have different addon settings (ie work vs home), the implementation is quite poor.

    If I happen to go to an internet cafe and need to install the addon, by default it will not log me off when I leave the computer or close the browser, and you seriously cannot expect me to remember to do that every time I need to install the addon.

    Ideally you should allow me to choose the default settings that the addon is installed with, at the very least always install the addon with all security settings enabled, if I want to disable some of them it's up to me, but that's my problem and fault if something bad happens, not yours.

    1. On another note, why does clear the clipboard after xx seconds not work properly on Chrome?

  12. When i logging on to lastpass, it drains my bandwidth.. (only in this new version)

  13. The duplicate password notice is now very annoying. Especially as there is no way to find the other website that is using the same password when you don't want to change the one you are currently on.

    As a lot of people say, the UI needs work. It's a very useful app, so to iron out the annoying non-user friendly bugs would make it awesome.

  14. Guys, your product got "Editor's Choice" from PrivacyPC website: LastPass Premium review

    Excellent work!

  15. Weak Password popup is awful, does NOT respect the request to disable either on one site or all sites, prevents me from using my LP toolbar in IE, just pops up over and over and over when I click the LP icon. It's well beyond annoying and overrides and blocks all other LP functionality.

    Can't believe people have been complaining about this for months on Chrome impl. and the official LastPass response is to roll it out to all other browers with these functionality-destroying bugs.

  16. Please fix the disable option for weak password warning.

    1. Thanks, the team is reviewing these issues and hope to have the disable option fixed. For any persisting errors, please report them directly to the team:

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. "The latest update will support Microsoft’s upcoming release of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1. Our addon will be fully compatible with Enhanced Protected Mode in IE, and will fully support the new browser."

    Too bad that's just WRONG. Doesn't work in new browser. Unisntalled and reinstalled just to be sure. Only way for it to work is to disable EPM.

    1. Thanks for the report, we're sorry to hear of the persisting errors. We'd recommend reporting this directly to the support team: - we did release an update today that should fix it but if you've already reinstalled with no improvement, our support team will debug with you.

  19. Another reply. IE 11 with Enhanced Protected Mode enabled does not work with LastPass in Win 8.1
    Please fix when possible. Not right to have to disable this great protection that Microsoft has built.

    1. Just went to supportticket.php and seems the team is working on the issue.

      "Sorry we know about this and are feverishly working on a fix, we have a prebuild available that allows the basics to work, Please go here to download it., we anticipate the final fix to be ready on November 4th 2013, and will notify all users when it's available

      If after trying all these steps you are still having issues click here"

      Good job guys.. keep up the good work.

    2. We anticipate this will be resolved with our next full release - we appreciate your patience.

  20. Yet again some tech in my life has gone from awesome to awful in the name of progress. Or more accurately, probably just change for the sake of it, and trying to not look like you're standing still. Whatever happened to "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" ? I spent a long time manually moving everything over to LastPast. It took me weeks, but was worth it for how (at the time) it simplified having multiple accounts with certain things. Now i am just locked out of multiple accounts, or constantly logging into one as i am trying to log out of that and into the next. And where Google actually has multiple log in already, LastPass will now always logging me out of one account as i log in to another. Whatever has gone wrong has now completely negated the point of this for me. I know i only have a free account, so i'm probably not worth listening to. But i had been telling everyone to try LastPass up until now.

    1. We're sorry to hear of the difficulties with LastPass. Please report these directly to the support team: so we can investigate with you and help get you running successfully again.

  21. I like previous toolbar. There is no search option in new password box. Is there any way to revert to previous toolbar? I have about 100 user/password of a site. It helped me a lot. But now I think I have to switch to another password manager.

    For some very important site like PayPal I used to save half of my password in lasstpass(for extra security), new password box just not let me type another half of my password. Please help me what to do with that.

  22. Anonymous said, in September 9, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    Please fix the disable option for weak password warning.


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  26. It would be very useful to have an option to disable the multi-browser sync feature. I'm using different browsers with different lastpass accounts on purpose.

    Otherwise, great product. The UI could use an update though.