May 9, 2013

In the News: Use LastPass To Create Secure Passwords

LastPass had a shout-out on KTLA the other day, in which reporter Rich DeMuro highlights the risks of poor password practices and the need for a tool to help you generate secure passwords. While discussing the challenge of the current password system and the tendency to use the same password everywhere, DeMuro suggests turning on two-step (or multifactor) verification and using LastPass to streamline the password process.

Click here to view the video

We're especially impressed that multifactor authentication was top among their recommendations, in addition to highlighting the need for different passwords on all accounts.

And we're excited to see LastPass mentioned as the choice password manager!


  1. This will be useful for many people who find it difficult to create strong passwords.

  2. Gee... I WONDER who gave them the idea that LastPass and 2nd-factor authentication would be a good idea? <grin>


  3. Living in the LA area, I saw that when it broadcast... It was cool seeing my favorite password vault app being mentioned. :)

  4. Way to go Lastpass !

    Great service !

  5. Congrats Lasspass! Great software, well deserved mention there

  6. I love lastpass, and it's great that you got a mention, but this video really screws up your blog index page by auto-playing. I was trying to read another article when some dude started talking at me.