Feb 17, 2012

Our Latest Video Introduces LastPass Basics

Just getting started with LastPass? Want to recommend our product to family, friends, or colleagues? Our new introductory video gives you an overview of our essential features, including:
  • Logging in to your account,
  • Saving and autofilling a site,
  • Managing your sites in your Vault,
  • Generating a new password with LastPass,
  • Creating a form fill profile for online shopping,
  • Syncing to new computers, and
  • Upgrading to Premium for mobile access

We hope new users find the content helpful in learning how to start using LastPass, and that our seasoned experts find it a valuable tool in telling others about how LastPass saves time and hassle.


The LastPass Team


  1. Great video, but everything is running by way too fast. Even as a LastPass user it was hard for me to keep up. :/
    If you were to make it 2-2:30min long, I think it might have a better impact.

  2. I agree with mxx/previous post: the content is moving too fast. I had to concentrate to keep up.
    I like the idea and would send out such a video but as it is now it tracks more like an advertisement/commercial than a gentle introduction. This would confuse more likely than help.
    A+ for effort and thanks for a great products.

  3. First, a very good video, but I agree with pacing comments. This is a video the needed to be created however. It is difficult to explain LastPass to non-password manager users. Thank you.

    One comment...please show longer passwords being used for the master password.

  4. I was pretty happy that you guys were making a video, as I was thinking about making one myself to help explain lastpass to clients of mine. I very so much do agree on what was said in the other comments, way too fast. You are saying things and clicking around faster than I (as a 2+ year user) click around. There is no way that a new (or potential) user is going to be able to follow this. I know you don't want to post something long, but for new or evaluating people I don't think they would be put off by a longer video to watch that helps explain to them what lastpass is and it's basics.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, all, we'll look at improving our pace for future productions.

  6. OMG, tonight was my FIRST exposure to LastPass and after watching that video my head is spinning. I've watched similar instructional videos when learning new computer programs at work. Besides slowing down the speech of the narrator, you need to have enough of a pause between what's been said and the action so the viewer has time to process what's going to be done, then highlight what's going to be selected to draw the eyes to that part of the screen before she actually clicks on it.

  7. Horrible video. Pace is ridiculous. Every site I've visited for a good explanation has made my head spin. Everyone who knows how to use it recommends it (and I trust them) but to get new users this explanation is just terrible salesmanship.
    NEW RULE: If your Grandma can't understand an explanation START OVER!!!

  8. By the space between comments it appears the LastPass has not made a good explanation a priority.... I am moving on!