Oct 18, 2010

Computerworld Reviews LastPass

Robert L. Mitchell, a National Correspondent for Computerworld recently compared 4 password managers pitting LastPass against RoboForm, 1Password, and Clipperz.

The article provides in-depth commentary on how the latest breed of password managers are providing users access to their data anywhere and at anytime. It highlights availability, security, and usability as being critical factors to consider when deciding on which password manager to use.

From the article:
I consider LastPass to be the overall winner. Security products should be easy to set up and use, and as unobtrusive as possible, or people just won't use them. LastPass does well on all counts while working on Windows, Mac, Linux and most smartphone platforms.

It was the only product to automatically populate and submit my credentials to a Web site as soon as I surfed to a Web site -- no button-clicking required. It has a few nice features, such as an analysis of your existing passwords for weaknesses and an option to automatically delete passwords stored insecurely by your browsers. It can store a local copy of your data on all mobile and personal computing platforms, and it offers the added protection of two-factor authentication.

You can read the complete article here: 4 password managers offer security anytime, anywhere

As a follow-up to the article, Robert L. Mitchel wrote a detailed blog post recommending the use of LastPass' two-factor authentication products.

From the post:
Of the four password management programs I reviewed this week, LastPass was the only one to support two-factor authentication...

Two-factor authentication can provide an extra layer of security for laptops that travel with you on the road or if you plan to access your password database from unsecured machines, which could contain malware...

You can read the complete post here: Protect your passwords with two-factor authentication


  1. Absolutely the best extension for chrome. Really usefull. Thanks a lot for all!!

  2. Hey guys just wanted to give you a heads up. Opera has implemented extension support in their alpha release and will be coming to the normal program. Could you guys work on a lastpass extension for it PLEASE?


  3. We are looking into opera integration.


  4. Does LastPass use Https when communicating with my PC and lastPass servers?

    I use a public wifi and I wish LastPass use Https

  5. Yes, we always use https. Your data also goes across the wire encrypted too (all of the decryption/encryption occurs locally on your PC).