Sep 29, 2010

We've Released Version 1.70 - Check Out What's New!

We've just released a new version (1.70.0), and we're excited to announce the addition of several new features:

Secure Note Templates

LastPass Secure Notes has been radically improved to help you store and easily organize all of your confidential information. Templates for Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Passports, Software Licenses, and many more have been added. Check out our latest screencast to see it in action:

Form Fill Support for More Languages (Beta)

We've added the ability to use our Form Fill feature with Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. It's still in beta which means we're continuing to make it more robust, but we hope it will enhance the browsing experience for our users.

Camino Browser Support on Mac (Beta)

Although still in beta, Mac enthusiasts who use the Camino Browser can now have access to their vault! You can install it via the Safari link on our download page.

Extension for Dolphin Browser HD on Android

This one's a bit of old news already, but Premium LastPass-ers can now use the extension on the Dolphin Browser on their Droid!

Internet Explorer 9 Support

If you have already upgraded to the latest version of IE, or are planning to upgrade soon, LastPass now fully supports Microsoft's latest browser version.

Firefox 4 Support on All Platforms

If you're a technophile and love running the latest and greatest beta builds, you'll be happy to hear that LastPass now fully supports Firefox 4.

Track Sharee Changes (Beta)

Using LastPass to share sites and secure notes with friends, family, and coworkers just got easier. If you're a Premium user, you can now use our new beta Share feature to track, view, and accept changes made by sharees.

YubiKey Dvorak Keyboard Support

Use your YubiKey with LastPass Premium without having to switch back and forth between QWERTY and Dvorak keyboard layouts.

Generate Secure Password on iPad

In our efforts to continue improving our tabbed browser on the iPad, we've added the Generate Secure Password feature! The latest update is still pending approval by Apple, but we're hoping it will appear in the iTunes store within the next week or so.

Other Fixes, Improvements, and Features

We add dozens of fixes, improvements, and minor features on a daily basis. If you've emailed us in the recent past about an issue, be sure to upgrade as it's very likely we've fixed it! You can also view further changes in our release notes.


  1. Thank you so very much for listening ! I needed IE9 support so badly !

  2. Now if only the update would actually install on my machine. Win 7 64bit IE8 (32bit) Lastpass 64bit installer. Stuck in 1.39.0 limbo on IE.

  3. Is LastPass coming for Opera?

  4. Why you never make a plug in for Opera browser ?

  5. i want last pass on opera

  6. You'll have to take that up with Opera - we do the best we can with bookmarklets (, but until Opera expands their support for add-ons (, there's only so much we can do.

    For the IE upgrade issue, the download link should now work, but if the issue persists, please email us at support. Thanks.

  7. Camino add in doesn't seem to be working, I get an error that says "Camino 2.0.4 has not been tested with the plugin LastPass 1.70.1. As a precaution, it has not been loaded"

    Also, the secure notes template for bank accounts doesn't seem to save any info you put in. The passport template seems to work though.

  8. Thanks for the update!

  9. For Camino, please redownload and try again. This should now be fixed.

  10. Thanks SO MUCH for the Camino support. (I manually edited the info.plist to get in working with the nightly build of Camino I have). Also, for whatever reason, couldn't post a comment in Camino.

  11. If only you could add the support to synchronize bookmarks across browsers like what xmarks did (closing down). I would be your instant paid customer :)

  12. best app aside from noscript EVER. I have been a very happy lastpass premium user for a while now. Keep up the great work fellas. Oh and good on you for being a NOVA company!

  13. Well, it might be a good idea to check this out:

  14. Lastpass is unusable with the latest update, 1.70.0 for Firefox on Windows. It constantly freezes Firefox (3.6.10) on my Windows XP 32bit and Windows 7 34bit machines and on my wife's Windows XP 32bit machine. Freezes are even worse when Facebook is loaded, not to mention having different Facebook pages in several tabs, the plugin does the same.

  15. Love the product folks. As a software professional, though, I have to take a bit of offense at the demo video show you sharing a software license key!

  16. The new secure note templates sound like a great idea... but some of these templates really make me wonder what practical use they might have. E.g. what for do I need passport or drivers license? I have exactly one passport and one driver license, not plenty. I also have exactly one social security number. I could use it to put in the values of my family, but each of them has an own LP account. Software licenses, Server, Instant Messenger and E-mail are certainly useful templates. Regarding credit card and bank account, I'm not sure if I should really put this info into LP. After all wherever I go I carry my credit/debit cards with me, containing all that information of your template directly on the card.

  17. Thanks for the comment. It's meant as a good way to securely organize your data categorically. For the record, my family of 3 has 5 passport numbers, 5 SSN numbers, and 2 drivers license numbers. As for credit card numbers: what if you lose, misplace or have your wallet stolen? What if you are on vacation and someone steals your luggage?

    But your point is well taken. This is the first incarnation. In future we'll try to add the ability to enter arbitrary name/value pairs.

  18. I like the template feature. I think its a nice addition.

  19. Love the software, and am happy to see the improvement of the Secure Notes feature, so thank you.


    The music on the video is not good. Too loud over the voice, annoyingly repetitive. There's one point at which it gets way louder for a second and it startled me a bit.

    I became so annoyed that I did not finish watching the video.

    It reminded me of those extra long commercials for some drug or another - just horrid.

    The annoyance of the music FAR outweighed any kind of professional video effect you were going for.

  20. Just wanted to say - Thanks for this AWESOME plugin. It's effin' BADASS, to say the least. Not only does it work across all major browsers, it's SECURE and EXTREMELY EASY to use. I'm sure I've spent hundreds of hours in typing and logging into hundreds of websites over the last 8+ years (before I used lastpass). This software is invaluable; the price tag doesn't give it justice.

  21. With the release of the [Google] Chrome Web Store it'd be nice of you released a web-app on there of the LastPass Vault desktop shortcut (not the one you access through Goggle Chrome -> LastPass Extension Menu -> LastPass Vault).

    The one linked to by the desktop has a much nicer UI than the extension one, which looks like a much simpler version, IMO!

    It would be very handy for people who want to quickly access their vault directly!

  22. Does Last Pass work with Chrome?

  23. How do I get the version prior to 1.70?

  24. The version prior to 1.70 for Opera 12.17?

    1. Hi Ron: Are you running into problems with the newer version? Please report bugs and errors to our team here: