Aug 13, 2009

LastPass vs Roboform by the Associated Press

Peter Svensson, a Technology Writer for the the Associated Press, recently compared LastPass directly against RoboForm with ease of use being one of the most important considerations.

Review: LastPass and Roboform take password management to the next level with online storage

Peter wisely discusses why the way most people store passwords is extremely insecure and espouses the benefits of password management applications. He covers how the new breed of password management applications are storing passwords encrypted online to allow universal access to your data.

From the article:

The [RoboForm] system is still cumbersome.
In providing an online storage option, Roboform is catching up to a new password management program, LastPass, that's designed from the ground up to store passwords online. Trying that, I found it slightly easier to use — at least, it didn't confront me with cryptic dialog boxes. It also has the virtue of being free, while Roboform costs $30.
Since LastPass is free and has the edge on browser and Mac compatibility, it should probably be your first pick.


  1. I actually love the RoboForm software myself. I use it all of the time and it takes all of the menial everyday tasks that I have to perform on my computer daily and shortens them extremely! What once took me fifteen minutes to complete now takes me only one second because RoboForm does the same task with just one click. In fact I saw a Report about a lot of RoboForm’s capabilities for use that aren’t even touched on in the User’s Manual for RoboForm. You can get that Report here:

    There is also a FREE version of RoboForm that you can download on this web page, just to test the RoboForm software out for yourself! I highly recommend it!

  2. Omarra Byrd: we realize that you spam every website that mentions RoboForm with your report, but this is a new low, even for you.

  3. congrats for this nice AP article! You desserve it and LastPass save me time each day!

    Keep it up


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  5. Sorry, neglected to offer congrats on the AP kudos.

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    That's curious. If, of course, you're talking about Omarra Byrd.

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    Seems strange for an affiliate who's been banned. And even beyond that, I'm rather surprised to see how generous RoboForm is with their trademarks and copyrights.

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    You've allowed yourself to become a joke, RF.

  9. No match, LastPass wins. I was a "first day" user of RoboForm (was it 10 years or more ago?) and dropped it because had too many gimmicks and ended up by being a hassle. I find that using LasPass, Sxipper, FastDial and Morning Coffee with Firefox (beware to remain on 3.5 for now, or disable the security's check) makes working and fun an amazing experience. LastPass assessment that you need only ONE password is more than true.

  10. Question. How does Lastpass make money?

  11. We have a premium offering that provides additional features including access on your mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian (alpha), etc.). We also licence technology to resellers.

  12. Easy choice - LastPass. I've used RoboFrom and a bunch of others including online based methods and LastPass is by far the most full featured, low hassle, but secure method I have found.

  13. If it concerns safety of My Password...password man!! u said password? thats important man.
    Just because its free should be last on the merit list. I don't care if I've to press a few extra buttons for the security of the password. Never mind a little extra time; anyway we all waste quite a bit of hours just gaping at the screen!!

  14. I was a happy Roboform user until I decided to start using Linux more than a year ago. I asked Roboform when they are going to release a linux version of Roboform. The simple answer was: "Never gonna happen mate"

    So I started to look for other solutions and found Lastpass.
    Lastpass does everything that Roboform does and more.
    It is free.
    Dont have to bring a USB anywhere.
    And that was it. Bye bye Roboform. Lastpass is som much more convenient imo.
    I even paid the $12 for the extra functionality just to support this great app.

  15. I love LassPass, but it no longer works well with Firefox. Firefox hangs almost every time I enable the LassPass extension. I sent them a bug report as well as commented on their forum. Hope they get back to me soon as I can't live without them for very long.

  16. Kevin,

    Are you running Linux? IF yes, what distro?

    Try to:
    1) Disable all other Firefox extensions in case another extension is the culprit.
    2) Disable all non-default Firefox themes in case it is causing the issue.
    3) If it still occurs, try this version:
    4) If it still occurs, follow steps here:


  17. I have been very satisfied user of Lastpass for (perhaps six?) months. With plenty of passwords of different grades and complexity, the sheer work of keeping them at hands was troublesome. You seem to have both a good, clean product plus nice helpdesk. I was caught in Twitter when mentioning Lastpass, and got help with it immediately from your helpdesk. Thanks!

  18. I love Roboform. When I had just one computer it was fine. I loved their toolbar that had a quick search dropdown. I could quickly get to any site I wanted by typing a few chars.

    However what prompted me to switch to lastpass was that Roboform had no or limited support for other systems like linux and OS X. Their online offering wasn't that good either. I switched to lastpass and it's worked but I do think lastpass takes more effort when you need to browse for a password or lookup your credit card info. Too many clicks. Roboform was easier and that's what I miss and would go back to it if they were to significantly improve their online/multi-platform offering.

  19. I am using Firefox 3.6.16, and have used Roboform for years (and years...).

    I'm completely open to trying LastPass, but I'm not sure how I would do that. I'd hate to lose every password I have. Is there an import function? Do I just install it on top of Roboform and then take RF off? Not sure how to try this.

  20. I am a long-term RF Pro user (3 machines) but have become frustrated with its incompatibility with 64-bit IE so have been trialling LastPass for a couple of days and am very impressed.
    Re above comment from Anonymous,Siber Systems have made it difficult to transfer RF data to LastPass (they are obviously worried!). However, it is easy to use RF and LastPass together, transferring IDs and passwords to LastPass as you browse, a good way of thinning out your login database.

  21. So all the neg comments are removed

  22. Anything that is paid or free come with good and bad results. Some paid don't work the way you expect them to. Some free works fine but doesn't work that great. I don't mind paying for Roboform if it does work wonders on my daily tasks and let me have more free time for myself.

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  23. I have been a struggling Roboform user for over 5 years. I say struggling since their support is really pretty bad. And their software is clunky and personally find it a pain to use.

    Like most people it's tough and time consuming to switch and test out other services. UNTIL NOW! I'll tell you what LastPass is intuitive, quick n easy to use and I'm still using the FREE version I don't know how many passwords the free version takes or how it works on Iphone yet - that's really why I stopped by this site from a search today.

    But, I'm sold - I'm a convert - Love the simplicity of LastPass and I'll be 100% switching as soon as I transfer all the logins I really use over to LastPass.

    Here is my only suggestion for LastPass:
    When you click on the last pass Icon on the menu bar - then click on SITES - you need to scroll all the way to the bottom to manually Add a Site... I just wish this were at the Top of the list too.

    But, if you are using another Password program - I suggest giving this one a try - its really nice.


  24. Really why would anybody in their right mind want to save passwords on the cloud or on someone else's server you don't think they will get hacked please I have a bridge to sell you Last Pass is for people to lazy or just don't really care about their passwords.